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New Pocket Translator From PROMT

PROMT, the world leader in development of machine translation technologies, has announced launching of sales of Pocket PROMT 4.0 - new version of translation software for pocket computers.

Any pocket computer user who likes to travel or is urged to make frequent business trips, who prefers dynamic lifestyle and is restless, who likes to communicate with foreigners and contacts them oftenly, who wants to save time and is fond of state-of-the-art software, will be undoubtedly inspired by new Pocket PROMT 4.0 translation software from PROMT company.

What are the distinctive features of the new version of Pocket PROMT 4.0 translation software?

  • New translation quality Pocket PROMT 4.0 is based on leading-edge translation technology PROMT XT that provides much better translation in comparison with previous versions.
  • Expanded dictionaries. As for English-Russian-English translator, the volume of general dictionary has increased by more than three times (dictionary volume exceeds 250,000 dictionary units). The volume of specialized dictionaries* contained in software delivery package has increased by two times. It provides better translation for both common texts and specialized texts.
  • New translation directions: German-Russian and Russian-German Now the product can be delivered in two packages: one of them is for English-Russian-English directions, and the other one is for German-Russian-German directions.
  • Supporting new platforms The new version of pocket translator is based on Pocket PC 2002 platform. The product also supports Pocket PC and HandHeld PC 2000 platforms.
  • New software installation/deinstallation options When executing setup of Pocket PROMT 4.0, it is possible to choose installation type (full installation or customized installation) and certain location for software installation. In order to remove the software completely, now it is possible to use Remove Programs system option.

The price of Pocket PROMT 4.0 product is 40$. Registered users of previous Pocket PROMT versions can upgrade the product to the new version with a discount of 50% at PROMT offices or at the company's Internet Shop.

*The product includes five specialized dictionaries: Commerce (ER, RE), Internet (ER, RE), Law (ER, RE), Computer science (ER, RE), Phrase book (RE).


PROMT, founded in 1991, is the leading provider of advanced machine translation technologies (MT) and the acknowledged conductor in the field of natural languages' processing. PROMT is the innovation and technological leader in MT industry. Now we provide the full range of translation solutions and services for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet.

PROMT ensures support and maintenance of the implemented systems worldwide and project management. Recently we have added human translation service and now are ready to offer technical documentation preconditioning, translation and publishing facilities. PROMT's Internet solution PROMT Internet Translation Server (PITS) works on the largest international and Russian sites: Lycos (Lycos.ru, Lycos.es, Lycos.de), Voila, Caramail, e-lingo, InfiniT.

Check the translation accuracy on free multilingual online translator Translate.ru. It provides online translation of text, web pages and e-mails.

Buy the translation products online at PROMT Online Shop.

Alexander Andreev
Marketing Manager
+7 (812) 327-4425

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