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sDL International announces partnership agreement with PROMT

St. Petersburg, Russia - Maedenhead, U. K., May 12, 2003 - SDL plc ("SDL"), the world's leading provider of multilingual solutions offering scalable translation technology and services, today announced the agreement of a partnership with PROMT, the leader in natural language processing technology.

SDL will incorporate PROMT's translation engine for Russian to English bi-directional translation into SDL's Enterprise Translation Server, the company's leading automatic translation solution for corporations. The integration will increase the number of language pairs offered to customers and also allow Russian-speaking communities to benefit from the available technology.

Enterprise Translation Server has long provided the fastest automatic translation available on the market. With the latest release, Enterprise Translation Server 2003, SDL has substantially improved the output quality of the system by expanding the scope of its dictionaries. The parsing, transfer, and generation rules on which the translations are based have also been improved.

Enterprise Translation Server 2003T also includes installation protocols and queries to dynamically generate three new translation clients - for the translation of files, text and URLs. For example, results of document translations can be returned direct to the user and displayed in a browser or in the body of an email.

"Now there is a strong need in prompt translation of business information in the world. We think our MT systems will help people to break down language barriers both using online translation services and corporate solutions, said PROMT's President Svetlana Sokolova. "We are proud to license our translation engine to SDL International, the leading provider of multilingual solutions".

Hedley Rees-Evans, SDL Marketing Director confirmed, "PROMT's translation engine is the most effective available. SDL is delighted to be able to extend the capability of ETS into this rapidly expanding area of corporate communications."

About SDL

SDL International (London Stock Exchange: 'sDL') is the world's leading provider of multilingual solutions, offering scalable translation technology and services. Its comprehensive and integrated offerings include multilingual content and globalization management solutions, real-time translation technologies, translation memory and a full range of internationalization and localization services.

Since its founding in 1992, SDL International has worked with numerous blue chip companies in defining and executing on their global business strategies, including Rockwell, Morgan Stanley, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Adobe, Kodak, Siebel, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, William Hill, 3Com, Canon, DaimlerChrysler, IBM, Oracle and Rolls Royce.

With more than 1100 staff, the company maintains its headquarters in the U.K. and 32 offices across North America, Asia and Europe.

For information on SDL, please contact:
Fiona Camden
Tel: +44 (0)1628 410120
Email: fcamden@sdlintl.com


PROMT, founded in 1991, is the world's leader in the natural language processing technologies. The company provides award-winning automatic translation software and services for 7 European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian, 19 translation directions in total.
PROMT offers translation solutions for the Internet, corporate Intranets, PCs, handheld devices and WAP under trade mark @promtTM .
PROMT's translation solutions are successfully applied at NASA, NEC, Lucent Technologies, Lycos and other companies. PROMT development platform enables system integrators to integrate the translation capabilities into the existed enterprise content management systems, document management systems, knowledge management, ERP, CRM and Databases.

For more information on PROMT, please, contact:
Alexander Andreev
Tel: +7 (812) 327-4425
Email: Alexander.Andreev@promt.ru

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