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PROMT releases @promt translation software for new languages

PROMT, the leading provider of natural language processing technologies, announced today the release of new translation directions, English <-> German and English <-> Spanish, for @promtT translation software.

@promtT family products are based on the new translation technology called PROMT XT (eXcellent Translation, XT) released this year. The core technology is powered by revolutionary new multi-dimensional dictionary architecture. The new architecture makes possible the system general dictionary to be extended with the content from traditional electronic dictionaries. New dictionary architecture opens the capability to work with the unlimited number of translation variants. Now the job of translation customization is simple as choosing the active translation alternative according the document context.

PROMT licensed the dictionary content of @promt translation software from Smart Link Corporation, the leading electronic dictionaries and linguistic software developer in USA.

PROMT XT is the world leading translation technology and provides the highest translation quality offering for users with the benefits as follows:

  • Unmatched intellectual algorithms for unprecedented translation accuracy.
  • Associated Memory Mechanism, a kind of translation memory database integrated with machine translation system providing resource saving and higher rate of return on investment.
  • PDF translation, the absolutely unique function. No any translation software that can do it, but @promt.
  • Synchronization of source and target documents at word level for more productive work.
  • Complete layout saving of source document accounting every character formatting.

The enormous number of innovative features some of which are listed above make us capable to call @promt translation software the technological leader in machine translation industry.

@promtT family includes the translation solutions as follows:

  • @promtT Standard - fast translator for small and medium-sized businesses to translate texts and e-mails. Price $99.
  • @promtT Professional - translation system with advanced customization options and intellectual self-training capabilities. Integrated in Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Acrobat Reader. Price $295.
  • @promtT Expert - the most extended translation capabilities for translation professionals. Includes professional tools to provide terminology mining and integration with TM solutions. Price $595.

Now @promt translation solutions provide translation between English, German, French, Spanish and Russian*.

The @promtT family products are available for shopping online at PROMT Online Shop and at PROMT distributors.

*Additional translation directions are coming soon.


PROMT, founded in 1991, is the leading provider of advanced machine translation technologies (MT) and the acknowledged conductor in the field of natural languages' processing. PROMT is the innovation and technological leader in MT industry. Now we provide the full range of translation solutions and services for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet.

Check the translation accuracy on free multilingual online translator Translate.ru. It provides online translation of text, web pages and e-mails.

Buy the translation products online at PROMT Online Shop.

Alexander Andreev
Marketing Manager
+7 (812) 327-4425

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