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PROMT supplied a corporate translation solution to KPMG Ukraine

Saint-Petersburg, September 8, 2003 - PROMT, a leader in developing technologies for machine-aided translations, is pleased to inform about supplying a corporate translation solution TRADOS 6.0 and delivering a corporate training session for employees of KPMG Ukraine .

Translation Memory (TM) products of TRADOS Inc. are widely used by different KPMG offices worldwide. In particular, KPMG Headquarters in the Netherlands is using TRADOS for more than three years, KPMG Moscow - for more than two years and KPMG Saint-Petersburg added this software to its arsenal more than a year ago.

TRADOS systems are designed primarily to enhance translators' work efficiency while translating large amounts of documents. Namely for this reason, as well as for optimization of the translation process, KPMG Ukraine decided to purchase a Translation Memory corporate solution - TRADOS 6.0. TM Workbench, which is now being supplied by PROMT.

TRADOS 6.0. TM Workbench includes the following integrated modules: Translator's Workbench, MultiTerm, Workstation, TagEditor, including XML Validator, Generic Tag Verifier, S-Tag Verifier and TRADOStag Viewer, T-Window Collection for Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel.

TRADOS 6 TM Workbench provides a translator with a possibility to work with documents of the most often used file formats:

  • Creating Translation Memory Database while working in Microsoft Word;
  • MultiTerm terminology database for efficient recognition of terminology used;
  • Translation of HTML, SGML, XML files with TagEditor application;
  • Translation of documents in Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel.

It should be noted that TRADOS 6.0 systems are rather complicated and technologically powerful product, therefore, PROMT conducts special training workshops for its clients in order to give them a proficiency level for working with such systems. Such training course has been delivered to one of the employees of KPMG Ukraine.

"I am very pleased that our cooperation with KPMG is getting more and more productive. We believe that TRADOS translation systems will allow KPMG's business to develop successfully", - added Yelena Kosmatova, PROMT's Linguistics Technologies Manager.

About KPMG

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PROMT - the world-leading provider of natural language processing technologies and of developing machine-aided translation technologies for European languages. The company's mission is to create the tools to help the people of different nations and origins to communicate without language barriers. "We make the world understandable".
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