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New Pocket PROMT 4.0 products available

St. Petersburg, June 20 - PROMT, the leading provider of machine translation technologies, announced today new @promt try&buy versions at PROMT Software Download Center within its Internet Shop.

Now the users are able to download the following @promt translation software:

Product Translation direction Localization Price Saving
Pocket PROMT 4.0 English <-> German English $52 $17
Pocket PROMT 4.0 English <-> German German $52 $17
Pocket PROMT 4.0 English <-> Spanish English $52 $17
Pocket PROMT 4.0 German <-> Russian German $52 $17

The user is allowed to use @promt try&buy versions during 30 days for free*. After the evaluation period is over the user should register the software. It is easy and convenient and can be made in two ways: pay by VISA or MasterCard, or by wire transfer.

Welcome to PROMT Software Download Center!

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