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PROMT GmbH Becomes a Channel Partner of I.R.I.S.

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Saint- Petersburg , Russia - Nov. 22, 2004 - PROMT subsidiary in Germany, PROMT GmbH (www.promt.de), has become a channel partner of I.R.I.S. (www.irislink.com), a leading OCR technologies provider.

PROMT GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg , that promotes retail sales network for PROMT machine translation technologies on DACH markets will work as an accredited channel partner for I.R.I.S. and streamline the purchase of high-quality OCR software through the bookshops and other book distribution channels. Channel partnership between PROMT and I.R.I.S. will enhance the sales of @promt 2004 translation software products by supplementing its offers with new OCR technologies from I.R.I.S. company. This new channel program will allow greater market penetration for both PROMT translation software and I.R.I.S. OCR products.

The successful cooperation between I.R.I.S. and PROMT has started with the integration of I.R.I.S. OCR software with the new translation software product line: PROMT 7 Family. @promt translation software products th at are being now promoted on DACH markets are built on the base of the award-winning PROMT XT (eXcellent Translation) technology, a cutting-edge software solution that provides for the high-quality machine translation of documents, e-mail and Web-sites. Having established itself as an I.R.I.S. channel partner, PROMT GmbH will both leverage I.R.I.S. presence on translation software market and enable PROMT customers to benefit from purchasing I.R.I.S. OCR technologies directly at one of the outlets of the growing PROMT retail network in Germany.

Both partners are very committed to the program. The channel cooperation between I.R.I.S. and PROMT is based on the careful assessment of the networks marketing potential.

"This channel partnership program allows I.R.I.S. expertise to complement PROMT strengths and to ensure the superior customer service," said Ilia Klimakov, PROMT's Director for Overseas Markets. "Both entities can focus now their core competencies on supporting customer success in the marketplace by providing two high-margin and high-rotation software products in one offer".

Two leading companies expect to benefit significantly from their cooperation and are working on extending their agreements onto the French market.

About I.R.I.S.

I.R.I.S. (www.irislink.com) is a leader in the “Document to Knowledge” market, and provides extremely high-quality solutions for converting paper documents into electronic formats for archiving, storing, managing and sharing digital information. I.R.I.S.'s software solutions and services cover the following areas: office products and technologies; professional systems.


PROMT (www.promt.ru ) is a world leading provider of translation technologies. Combining the innovation and technological perfection, PROMT developed the revolutionary machine translation (MT) technology and became the technological leader in MT industry. Nowadays PROMT provides the full range of translation solutions: machine translation systems and services, dictionaries, translation memory system, data mining system for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet.

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