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PROMT announced the February Happy Software Pair Action.

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia - Feb., 1. 2005 - PROMT, the leading provider of machine translation technologies, announced a new offer - the Happy Software Pair Action. The action will be held from February 1 to February 28. If purchasing a software pair of a translator from the @promt Family and a specialized dictionary or dictionary set, one will get 10% off for the product +30% off for the dictionaries.

Companies and individuals, daily facing the translation of texts and documents on specialized subjects, such as medicine, business, railway transportation, etc., will greatly benefit from this special offer. In some cases the general dictionary supplied with all the translation programs may be not enough. Our new offer will help you to solve translation problems and to extend your language competence.

To get the discount one should buy one of the following translation programs in boxed versions:

  • @promt 2004 Standard - translation software that provides fast and economical way to translate texts or e-mails on your computer ideal for home users and small business.
  • @promt 2004 Professional - fully functional translation software for individuals and companies which are regularly faced with the necessity to translate a lot of multilingual information
  • @promt 2004 Expert - the most elaborate product of @promt Family intended for professional translators and companies having a need for translation of a large volume of multilingual information flows.
  • @promt 2004 Office - special offer for German and French speaking people.

and a dictionary or dictionary set from our wide range of specialized products. The most popular among them are:

See the full list of specialized dictionaries offered by PROMT.

The offer will be available in our online shop at shop.e-promt.com starting from the first of February!


PROMT, founded in 1991, is the world’s leader in the natural language processing technologies. The company provides award-winning automatic translation software and services for 7 European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian, 19 translation directions in total.
PROMT offers translation solutions for the Internet, corporate Intranets, PCs, handheld devices and WAP under trade mark @promtTM .
PROMT’s translation solutions are successfully applied at NASA, NEC, Lucent Technologies and other companies. PROMT development platform enables system integrators to integrate the translation capabilities into the existed enterprise content management systems, document management systems, knowledge management, ERP, CRM and Databases.

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