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IRISPen Translator – new product released by I.R.I.S. and PROMT!

For immediate release

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Alexander Andreev
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Email: Alexander.Andreev@e-promt.com

Saint-Petersburg - Brussels, 9 February 2005 PROMT, the leading provider of machine translation technologies (MT) and I.R.I.S. Group, a publicly traded company (Euronext: IRI), market leader in Automatic Document Recognition (ADR), Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) announced today about a release of a brand new product in its OCR solution range for private and professional users.

IRISPen Translator is an intelligent combination of a pen scanner, text recognition software and translation software. The result is a smart tool able to scan any printed text and to translate it instantaneously. The IRISpen Translator is aimed at people who want rapidly understand foreign printed texts, a quick and effective assistant always being on hand.

How does it work?

IRISPen is fast, easy-to-use and accurate. Just slide the pen over a printed text and a powerful OCR software of I.R.I.S. recognizes the scanned image and transforms it into text which is retyped exactly where your cursor is: in an excel sheet, a word document, in an online form, etc. Once your text is encoded, it is translated and displayed within a second into @promt Standard. A convenient 2-windows editor allows you to simultaneously see the source text and its translation.

The IRISPen Translator offers 6 translation pairs (one of them must be chosen during the installation) and translates in 9 directions: English-French; French-English; French-Spanish; Spanish-French; English-German; German-English; English-Spanish; Spanish-English; English-Russian; Russian-English and English-Portuguese.

For translation functions in IRISPen Translator is responsible the built-in PROMT translation software. @promt 2004 Standard provides fast and economical way to translate texts and e-mails. The program is designed for unsophisticated PC users and requires rather moderate computer resources. It is therefore ideal for small offices home users, who translate texts for personal use and keep up correspondence with foreign friends or partners.

@promt 2004 Standard has following adwantages:

  • @promt 2004 Standard provides user with quick access to multilingual information. It allows translating the multilingual documents with one mouse click. The system supports document formats: DOC, RTF, HTML, TXT, as well as PDF documents directly in Adobe Acrobat 4.x/5.x/6.x;
  • @promt 2004 Standard translates E-mail thanks to direct integration into Microsoft Outlook 2003).
  • Attatching of specialized dictionaries allows @promt translation software to achieve better translation results for complex texts of specific subjects. It is also possible to create and edit custom user dictionaries.

Once the text is translated, a Text-to-Speech function (TTS), allows to repeat the translated text: you can not only understand the text but also learn how to pronounce it!

IRISPen Translator will be available in two versions:

•  IRISPen Translator Express : includes the I.R.I.S.' pen scanner, the IRISPen Express software and @promt Standard software. The IRISPen Express software recognizes printed text and figures. SRP(Suggested Retail Price): 179 ?.

•  IRISPen Translator Executive: includes the I.R.I.S.' pen scanner, the IRISPen Executive software and @promt Standard software.The IRISPen Executive software recognizes printed text and figures, bar codes and handwritten numbers. It scans several lines before their insertion and provides options allowing to improve the recognition. SRP: 229 ?.

IRISPen Translator will be available from the beginning of March in the on-line Shop of I.R.I.S.

Pierre De Muelenaere, President and CEO of I.R.I.S. Group, comments this brand new product: "The IRISPen Translator is a unique product in the market, the only pen scanner able to scan entire paragraphs and to provide user with immediate translation. It's a very good combination of I.R.I.S.' OCR technology - which allows instantaneous recognition and data entry - and PROMT's translation technology - which provides fast and accurate translation of the encoded text. PROMT is a leading Russian company that provides award-winning translation software. We wish to develop a long-term collaboration with PROMT in order to integrate even more tightly their translation technology into our products".

"We think, that IRISPen Translator will have a real success in the market. The given product will be undoubtedly useful to those who frequently needs an operative translation of printed texts. We are always glad to take part in new interesting projects and we hope for long-term and productive co-operation of our company with I.R.I.S. This co-operation will promote creation of brand new, not less unique products", - Svetlana Sokolova, the president of PROMT has told.


About I.R.I.S.

Image Recognition Integrated Systems (I.R.I.S.), a Belgian company founded in 1987 and listed on Euronext Brussels (IRI), is a leader in the “Document to Knowledge” market, and provides extremely high-quality solutions for converting paper documents into electronic formats for archiving, storing, managing and sharing digital information. In 2003, the revenue of I.R.I.S. Group was 42.729.660 ? I.R.I.S. has more than 220 employees based in Louvain-la-Neuve and Brussels (Belgium), Orly (France), Luxembourg and Delray Beach (USA). I.R.I.S. has been awarded "Enterprise of the Year 2002" by the Belgian committee of the worldwide "Entrepreneur of the Year" competition.

For more information on our company, our solutions or our products, visit the I.R.I.S. website at http://www.irislink.com .


PROMT, founded in 1991, is the world’s leader in the natural language processing technologies. The company provides award-winning automatic translation software and services for 7 European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian, 19 translation directions in total.
PROMT offers translation solutions for the Internet, corporate Intranets, PCs, handheld devices and WAP under trade mark @promtTM .
PROMT’s translation solutions are successfully applied at NASA, NEC, Lucent Technologies and other companies. PROMT development platform enables system integrators to integrate the translation capabilities into the existed enterprise content management systems, document management systems, knowledge management, ERP, CRM and Databases.
Web: www.e-promt.com
Internet store: shop.e-promt.com
Free Online Demo: Online-Translator.com.

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