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Space Exploration Day Offer – Let’s remember the first man in space with PROMT!

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“There are things that are known and things that are unknown; in between is exploration.” Anonymous


St. Petersburg, April 12, 2005 - PROMT, the technological leader in machine translation industry, celebrates the Space Exploration Day and offers 10% off for @promt Expert 7.0 translation software. The action will be held from April 11 to April 24.

On April 12, 1961 , aboard the spacecraft Vostok 1, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to travel into space. During the flight, the 27-year-old test pilot and industrial technician also became the first man to orbit the planet, a feat accomplished by his space capsule in 89 minutes.

It could be said that the history of space flight began almost from the dawn of mankind. From the moment that first person looked up upon the heavens, people have dreamed of exploring. From mythology such as Daedalus and Icarus, who flew too close to the sun on wings made of wax, to Archimides, Newton , Galileo, Copernicus, DaVinci, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells, all have served, through science or fiction, to inspire modern day scientists and pioneers to reach for the stars.

The history of Machnine Translation and history Space Exploration are pretty much alike. From the times of Babylon tower, language barriers divided people countries and continents. The translation of natural languages by machine, first dreamt of in the seventeenth century, has become a reality in the late twentieth. Globalization of the world economy requires everybody to have opportunity to get access to multilingual information independently of what person's native language is. Computer programs are producing translations of technical manuals, scientific documents, commercial prospectuses, administrative memoranda.

The work of PROMT was always aimed at creation of the tools enabling people to communicate easily and effectively, to break language barriers between them. Combination of the results of continuous research investigations in linguistics and usage of the modern software and technical tools allowed PROMT to create the unique MT technologies, which are the best from world's analogues.

Today PROMT offers you to purchase @promt Expert 7.0, the most elaborate product of @promt desktop family intended for fast and big-volume translation of specialized texts. The suite includes all the features of @promt Professional 7.0 system plus a wide range of professional tools: extended functions to work with dictionary bases, terminology mining, integration capabilities with TRADOS TM solutions, etc. The product is intended for professional translators and organizations that have to translate large volumes of documents, require a more-than-average customization for the translation software, deploy their own terminology and glossaries, use Translation Memory software and would like to implement the machine translation software to their corporate information exchange on the day-by-day basis.

The previous version @promt 2004 was released last year. What's new in @promt 7.0? Read more about the most important new features of @promt 7.0 translation software family in "@promt 2004 vs @promt 7.0 Comparison"

See the full list of translators and specialized dictionaries offered by PROMT. We welcome you to visit PROMT Internet Shop - the offer will be available from the April 11!

Explore the world with PROMT- buy a translator and overcome the language barriers!



PROMT (www.e-promt.com) is a world leading provider of machine translation technologies. The company was established in 1991 and its expertise spans over 13 years of machine translation technologies development. Combining the innovation and technological perfection, PROMT has developed the revolutionary machine translation (MT) technology and became the technological leader in MT industry.

Nowadays PROMT provides the full range of translation solutions: machine translation systems and services, dictionaries, translation memory systems, data mining systems for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet. New translation software product line @promt consists of a wide range of sophisticated software products and solutions and ensures the highest possible quality and efficiency of translation processes.

The customers of PROMT appreciate its commitment to the continued research and investment in the fields of linguistics and Natural Language Processing: PROMT has customers spanning consumer, SME and enterprise markets, including global industry leaders Xerox, SAP, Lukoil, General Motors, Volvo Car International, Deloitte&Touch and etc.

Web: www.e-promt.com, www.promt.de
Internet store : shop.e-promt.com
Free Online Demo: Online-Translator.com.

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