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Vacation Offer - hurry up to purchase PROMT software!

St-Petersburg, August 1, 2005 - PROMT, the technological leader in machine translation industry, is glad to announce a special Vacation Offer! PROMT starts new Vacation Offer Action to present everybody with a 50% discount for all the specialized dictionaries and dictionary collections for @promt translation software. The action will be available in its Internet shop from August 1 till August 14.

Summer is the best time to take vacation and escape for a trip somewhere abroad. Purchase PROMT translation software (boxed versions) and save 50 % on dictionaries and dictionary sets on Vacation Offer Action.
Specialized dictionaries are the perfect tool to increase the translation quality especially for topical texts concerning different fields of human activity, from aviation to purfume, telecommunications to oil and gas industry.

We recommend to use PROMT specialized dictionaries with the translation software as follows:

  • @promt Office 7.0 - cost-effective translation software translating texts, e-mails, web-pages and even graphic files on your computer. It is ideal for home users and small businesses.
  • @promt Professional 7.0 - translation software with advanced customization and adjustment options and intellectual self-training capabilities for individuals and companies which are regularly faced with the necessity to translate a lot of multilingual information.
  • @promt Expert 7.0 - the most elaborate product of @promt Family intended for professional translators and companies having a need for translation of a large volume of multilingual information flows.

PROMT machine translation software translates your business or technical documents, letters, e-mails and web sites quickly and with high accuracy.

The offer will be available at http://shop.e-promt.com starting August, 01!

Visit our Internet Shop on Saturday or Sunday and check our Sunny Weekend Prices.

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