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PC Magazine/French Edition chooses @promt

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Marketing Director
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St.-Petersburg, August, 22 2005 - PROMT company, the leader in the field of machine translation technologies, announces obtaining the award "The Editor’s Choice" from PC Magazine / French Edition.

In the July, 2005 issue of PC Magazine, #206, was published an article which presented a comparison of various machine translation systems. The estimation was made on the 20 grade scale base. The translation system @promt has received the highest grade - 14 points from 20 possible, and the award "The Editor’s Choice". In opinion of jury @promt has shown the best translation in the category English<>French.

@promt machine translation systems are intended for translation of documents in various formats, e-mail and web-pages in the Internet. They allow considerable increase in the efficiency of both translation process and all business-processes related to processing of the multilingual information and the intercultural communications. They are effective assistants allowing users to save time and money, carrying out translation at a speed, which is impossible even for the most experienced translators.

"We are proud of such a high estimation of our products and we hope, that in the future our programs will justify and even surpass expectations of our users, the number of which grows every day", - marketing director of PROMT company Alexander Andreev has commented on the article published in PC Magazine/French Edition.


PROMT is a world leading provider of machine translation technologies. The company was established in 1991 and its expertise spans over 13 years of machine translation technologies development. Combining the innovation and technological perfection, PROMT has developed the revolutionary machine translation (MT) technology and became the technological leader in MT industry.

Nowadays PROMT provides the full range of translation solutions: machine translation systems and services, dictionaries, translation memory systems, data mining systems for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet. New translation software product line @promt consists of a wide range of sophisticated software products and solutions and ensures the highest possible quality and efficiency of translation processes.

The customers of PROMT appreciate its commitment to the continued research and investment in the fields of linguistics and Natural Language Processing: PROMT has customers spanning consumer, SME and enterprise markets, including global industry leaders Xerox, SAP, Lukoil, General Motors, Volvo Car International, Deloitte&Touch and etc.

Web: www.e-promt.com, www.promt.de
Internet store: shop.e-promt.com
Free Online Demo: Online-Translator.com.

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