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PROMT enters the Swedish market

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PROMT, leading world provider of machine translation technologies, announced the signing of partner agreement with Swedish company - Fonator AB. Fonator AB is the first partner of PROMT on Swedish market, therefore this cooperation will surely define a number of important points for the PROMT’s development strategy in Scandinavian countries, and about perspectives of new language pairs development.

The market volume of translation software in Sweden, estimated by independent experts, approximately equal to 2,000,000 US dollars a year. In the nearest year PROMT plans to occupy not less than 15 % of this market, concentrating on corporate clients. Such strategy is explained by specific character of Swedish translation software market, where the retail sales are weak and the main clients are large national and international corporations.

«The market of Sweden is very original, – Marcus Fingal, representative of Fonator AB said. - In our country there is a unique atmosphere promoting development of business and innovations. In Sweden, there is a huge number of international corporations’ offices to which the going out to new geographical markets is interesting a lot. Therefore we are sure that PROMT translation software PROMT will be in high demand».

Earlier, PROMT has had experience of working with clients from Sweden, which had shown a high demand for English language pairs. Among the PROMT’s clients in Sweden, there are Armed Forces of Sweden, Nuclear Power Agency and a number of private companies and corporations.

«Frankly speaking, in Sweden, English language is enough widespread, therefore we hope for high level of sales of translation software from English to Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian languages and vice versa, - Ilya Klimakov, PROMT’s Overseas Markets Director comments. - At present time, we study the market of Sweden as an important part of Scandinavian and European market of translation software in order to see what the perspectives are. On the basis of the received information we will decide which new language directions we will develop in the nearest future».

Entering Swedish market through the local partner is a logical step within the framework of PROMT’s general strategy to become a leader in the field of machine translation industry in European countries. The regular steps to development of distribution network in all European countries and constant developing of new translation directions should provide PROMT the leadership in this market.

The new Swedish partner presents to clients a line of translation software for business users (@promt Office 7.0, @promt Professional 7.0, @promt NET professional 7.0), professional translators (@promt Expert 7.0) and corporate solutions for large corporations (PROMT Translation Server 7.0).

About Fonator
Fonator is a Business-to-Business solutions provider. The company was established in 1987 and its expertise spans over 19 years. At the beginning Fonator worked as a trader of computer equipment from IBM. Financing solutions, both leasing and short time hire, were also important components in Fonator’s sales.

During the 90´s Fonator began to focus more on business system solutions, software and clients support. Short time computers leasing was also an important part of its business activities. Like most other IT companies, Fonator underwent a big development during the beginning of the new millennium.

Nowadays Fonator is concentrated on security solutions, internet solutions for content management, translation solutions, e-commerce with backoffice possibilities and systems for e-mail marketing.

Fonator is located in Stockholm, Sweden.
Web: www.fonator.se


PROMT is a world leading provider of machine translation technologies. The company was established in 1991 and its expertise spans over 13 years of machine translation technologies development. Combining the innovation and technological perfection, PROMT has developed the revolutionary machine translation (MT) technology and became the technological leader in MT industry.

Nowadays PROMT provides the full range of translation solutions: machine translation systems and services, dictionaries, translation memory systems, data mining systems for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet. New translation software product line @promt consists of a wide range of sophisticated software products and solutions and ensures the highest possible quality and efficiency of translation processes.

The customers of PROMT appreciate its commitment to the continued research and investment in the fields of linguistics and Natural Language Processing: PROMT has customers spanning consumer, SME and enterprise markets, including global industry leaders Xerox, SAP, Lukoil, General Motors, Volvo Car International, Deloitte&Touch and etc.

Web: www.e-promt.com, www.promt.de
Internet store: shop.e-promt.com
Free Online Demo: Online-Translator.com.

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