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Leading Russian machine translation vendor PROMT to participate in MEDPI event, to be held in Monaco May 29th to June 1st, 2007

PROMT, a leading provider of machine translation solutions for business, will participate in the MEDPI exhibition in Monaco May 29th to June 1st, 2007. PROMT will be represented at the event by its French partner, Ayanta. PROMT is inviting representatives of retail and e-tail companies to visit its booth for more information.

Desktop solutions oriented on retail chains and end users include:

@Promt Personal Office 7.0 is a powerful translator for home and small office usage, it has the most essential functionalities to acquire accurate translations. It is possible to translate texts, e-mails, PDF files, image files and web pages. OCR function allows importing text from image files, such as JPG, BMP and others and translating them in the main translation window. Translation panels can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

@promt Professional Office 7.0 in addition to @promt Personal Office features delivers more translation tools for companies, enterprises and individual translators. It is fully integrated into Microsoft Office® applications (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and FrontPage), allows reusing previously made translations with Associated Memory module, has enhanced dictionary services, batch file translation mode, and clipboard text translation and overall gives more customization tools for complex translations.

Translation solutions for the companies include:

@promt Net Professional is delivered as a client-server solution for Windows networks. Users are able to share specialized dictionaries and establish common translation terminology patterns companywide.

@promt Intranet PTS 7.0 Edition is based on Microsoft® .NET architecture and delivers the @Promt 7.0 translation engine under Microsoft® IIS. The user interface is a standard web browser; no additional software is required. Data is exchanged between server and workstations on the same local and/or intranet network using HTTP protocol.

Designed specifically for the business environment, both solutions enable dictionaries to be shared and extended by all users, delivering a more usable, customized solution for the company.

The use of @promt software allows companies to:

  • Efficiently communicate with companies in Russia, Germany, and English- and Spanish-speaking markets.
  • Speed the process of translating standard and industry-specific documents, e-mails and websites.
  • Build a unique translation infrastructure by customizing the software for their specific needs.
  • Maintain corporate standards across all translated texts.
  • Reduce the use, and cost, of professional translation services.

Stand PROMT / Ayanta:
A13 - Foyer Guelfe

Press contacts:
Alexander Kariagin,
International Marketing Director
Phone: +7 812 331-7540
Fax: +7 812 327-4483
e-mail: pr@e-promt.com

Bureau de Presse de Séverine Thery-Perez
16 rue Boucry - 75 018 Paris
Tel: 01 44 92 47 68
e-mail: stp@e-promt.com

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