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Translation Software Vendor PROMT chooses Nexway for online distribution in France

PROMT, a leading provider of automated translation software, today signed a strategic partnership with Nexway, an online software distribution company in France. Nexway will manage PROMT’s online store for French language products, located at http://promt.telechargement.fr. PROMT is offering a 15% introductory discount on all orders placed through the new online store until August 31, 2007.

PROMT’s automated translation software will also be available through Nexway’s online distribution network, which includes many of the most widely-used online stores in France - Fnac.fr, Orange.fr, Voila.fr, Pixmania.fr, Free.fr, 3Suisses.fr and others.

“Nexway under its Telechargement brand has a great deal of experience in the online distribution market in France,” said Nickolay Vasiliev, International Sales Director at PROMT. “We will have two products in the Telechargement-operated store initially, and plan to add more products over the coming months. We believe both parties will benefit from this new relationship as more and more software sales transactions move to the web.”

“We’re delighted to be working with a leading provider like PROMT in this fast-growing market sector,” said Franck Giroudon, PR & Marketing Director at Nexway. “This agreement underlines the strength of our online distribution network, and is a welcome expansion to our international partner program.”

Everyone needs translation solutions today

Europe’s open borders and the continuing growth of Internet-based real-time communications means that people in France and throughout Europe need a fast and effective way to communicate with individuals and entities in a language other than their own, both in work and in home environments.

The following PROMT translation solutions will be available through the Nexway distribution network:

@promt Personal Office 7.0 is a powerful translator for home and small office usage, and offers all the necessary functionality for fast, accurate translations of documents, emails, and web pages. A bonus Optical Character Recognition (OCR) module additionally enables text to be imported from image files including JPG, PDF, and BMP formats and translated right in the application. Translation panels can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

@promt Professional Office 7.0 delivers all of the functionality of @promt Personal Office plus additional tools designed specifically for the corporate environment and more complex translation projects. It is fully integrated into all Microsoft Office applications (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and FrontPage), allows the reuse of existing blocks of translated text through Associated Memory modules, includes enhanced dictionary services, supports batch file translation, and enables clipboard text translation.

Both products are based on the same acclaimed @promt 7.0 translation engine, and offer eight translation directions: English<->French, German<->French, Spanish<->French, Russian<->French. The products may be purchased with one pair of languages or as a comprehensive bundle with support for all four language pairs.

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Phone: +7 812 331-7540
E-mail: pr@e-promt.com

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