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1. General

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) regulates the procedure of access to data which the developer of the mobile application PROMT Translator namely LLC PROMT (hereinafter referred to as the “Right Holder”) can obtain in the process of functioning/usage of this mobile application (hereinafter referred to as the “Software”).

The use of the Software means the unreserved consent of the Software’s user with this Policy. By installation of this Software you accede to the Privacy Policy and confirm the permit to use the technical data in compliance with this document. If you do not agree with these confidentiality provisions please do not install this Software.

In the normal course of using the Software by the user the Right Holder shall not receive or process any information which according to the RF statuses in place falls under the category of personally identifiable information.

This Policy is applicable exclusively to the Software.

2. Data acquisition and utilization

HTTP or HTTPS is used for data transmission. This Software does not collect and does not employ personal data of the Software User.

The Software collects and transfers to the Right Holder the following data:

a). Engineering data used for the Software refinement, support and development of functionality as well as for identified error correction as follows:

  • IP addresses as well as information on device configuration,
  • date and time of use (e.g. run duration, time tag),
  • OS version and type,
  • the User’s mobile device manufacturer and model,
  • the Software version and ID,
  • different Software functions usage history.

Common information assists the Right Holder with determination of the overall trend of the Software usage and alteration for a more convenient operation, and also is designed for internal analysis and research with a view of the Software improvement.

b). Engineering data on the User’s device for implementation of the function of push notifications:

  • information on purchases made from the Software if such functionality is implemented herein,
  • information on interaction of the User via the Software with other applications and websites,
  • information on the User’s device (e.g. smart phone, tablet), type and version of operating system, network information, installed mobile browser, network status (e.g. Wi-Fi), language preference, clock zone,
  • mobile ad IDs such as Apple IDFA and ad ID Android,
  • fine location,
  • network information.

Information listed in b) is necessary for implementation of the push notification sending function by software OneSignal and may be submitted to the developer of this software (the OneSignal company located at: 2194 Esperanca Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054). This information is used for implementation in the Software the push notification function and their personalization. It also can be used as far as possible by any other legal way, for example, for advertizing based on interests, analytics and market inquiry.

When required you may bring you up on OneSignal privacy policy at

The Right Holder reserves the right to use at its sole discretion and without consent of the User of the Software the texts, combinations of words and individual words which have been translated by the User by means of the Software, as well as translation results in order to improve the quality of provided translation, identification and correction of existing and arising errors in the Software, preparation and usage of statistic and other reports as well as for any other purposes at discretion of the Right Holder. The User gives his consent to the use by the Right Holder of obtained above listed data, as well as collection, storage, systematization, destruction, and transfer to the Right Holder’s affiliated persons with the purpose to demonstrate the way of usage of the Software by the users.

Any information is used by the Right Holder completely and totally without making any difference between individual users.

You agree to use by the Right Holder of the Google Analytics or any other analytical system for acquisition of anonymized data for further study, processing and transfer to the third parties such as advertising providers and partners of the Right Holder in form of statistical reports and analytical documents.

3. Miscellaneous

The Right Holder reserves the exclusive right to amend and supplement the text of this Policy on a unilateral basis. The restated Policy takes effect from the date of its hosting at the following url unless otherwise stipulated by the restated Policy.

This Policy and the relations between the User of the Software and the Right Holder emerging from the use of this Policy shall comply with the of the Russian Federation legislation.

Should the Software’s User have any further questions or proposals with regard to this Policy he/she must feel free to contact the Right Holder by sending an email to

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