Powerful intellectual platform able to meet the full range of translation needs on the enterprise level related to work with documents and data in different languages.
Cloud version
For PROMT 11 and PROMT 12 users: Upgrade discount 50%

Improving personal productivity of employees while working with foreign-language documentation and reducing the load on language department.

Data leakage risk reduction due to not-utilization of online translation services.

Instant translation preserving all key parameters on any platform – Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android.

Config tools for accurate translation with due allowance for the customer’s business needs.

Installation in corporate network; an Internet connection not required.

Easy access to the server with an established solution via Web interface.

High-quality translation
Upgraded translation modules greatly improve quality of technical, scientific and news texts.
Translation of documents with just one click
Autonomic identification of language, format (DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), PDF, XML, HTML, JPEG, BMP), type and subject matter of the document as well as preservation of an original layout relieves from unnecessary setting up and cuts the time of translation.
Translation everywhere desired
The enhanced PROMT Agent for all platforms automatically determines language and subject matter of the document and allows for translating the selected words and text fragments of any size without switching between application screens.
Integrated reference resources
The enhanced and updated general use dictionary database provides the prompted typing of words and convenient search with consideration for morphology as well as a big base of translation cases in different subject matter.

Ready-made dictionaries and profiles, simple-to-learn tools to improve translation quality as well as customization of solution for specific business needs.

Easy administration
Powerful, but easy to use administration tools, supported integration with the Microsoft Active Directory.
User-friendly interface
The user-friendly and ergonomic interface allows for working simply and comfortably.

Our Clients trust us — and so can you!

“We think that purchasing of the PROMT system is the best solution of the problem that the company was facing”, — Sergei Tolstokhlebov comments. — “The automatic translator on the enterprise portal can be easily used by most of our employees. On average, more than 300 employees of the company benefit from using the translation server every week”.

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