Machine translation (MT) is the use of а computer to translate text from one language into another. Тhе three main use cases for МТ are: getting the essence of the source content (gisting), translating content that would not be translated by humans since it is too costly and increasing efficiency while reducing costs for content that requires human post-editing. See more…

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Our award-winning automated translation engine is robust and intuitive, but it has not been customized for maximum efficacy in translating your unique content. Proper engine tuning will decrease your translation costs and increase time to market significantly, by as much as 300% in some cases. Contact us for a trial and we’ll show you how to maximize your profits while retaining your unique corporate identity.
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"PayPal localization team has successfully integrated PROMT MT solution in the translation environment and has been using it in production for almost 4 years for a number of languages."

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