Meet the new online-translator.com
PROMT has updated its free translation service on www.online-translator.com. The service got its new name  – PROMT.One – and is powered by PROMT Neural Machine Translation now. PROMT.One PREMIUM subscription  offers many more opportunities -  a plugin for instant translation in any Windows app or browser and offline translation in PROMT.One mobile app for iOS  and Android.

PROMT Neural Translation Server takes machine translation to a new level
PROMT Company introduced its new flagship product – PROMT Neural Translation Server. Company specialists told the event guests in detail about the latest client-server solution for corporate users based on a unique neural technology.

PROMT introduced the new neural networks-based technology to participants of the Translation Forum Russia
10th Anniversary Translation Forum Russia Conference – the Europe’s largest event in translation and localization industry – was held on August 23 - 25 in St. Petersburg  at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. The PROMT Company participated in the Forum and introduced a new machine translation technology - PROMT Neural.

Neural networks at WMT: machine translation competed with human
The Fourth Conference on Machine Translation (WMT 2019) organized by the Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL) was held on August 1-2 in Florence. The event was attended by major international developers, including the PROMT Company.

The PROMT Company participated in the Council of Europe conference on regulation of AI technologies

On February 26 -27, a conference of the Council of Europe, Governing the Game Changer – Impacts of artificial intelligence development on human rights, democracy and the rule of law, was held in Helsinki to regulate issues related to respect for human rights and democracy principles using artificial intelligence solutions. The event was attended by the heads of the Council of Europe, the OSCE Secretary General, as well as ministers of a number of European countries and representatives of leading IT companies, including the PROMT company.

Joint project of PROMT and Russian Railways breaks down language barrier on the railroads

In the summer of last year, the FIFA World Cup was held in Russia. The event drew millions of tourists to the country, and Russian Railways, the main rail carrier of the country, faced a difficult task: to break down the language barrier between train conductors and foreign guests. They were helped out by specialists from PROMT who developed a unique application.

Watch new video about PROMT MASTER 19

PROMT MASTER 19 is a multitask offline desktop translator of texts and documents of any format, which guarantees confidentiality of translation. Learn more...

PROMT updated Online-translator.com
The PROMT company has updated Online-translator.com – free mobile apps for iOS and Android and online translation service. Read more.

PROMT and TAdviser launch media outlet powered by artificial intelligence

On 29 January 2019, TAdviser, a news portal that covers events in the Russian IT sector, and PROMT, a world leader in development of linguistic IT solutions, announced the launch of an online media outlet powered by artificial intelligence technologies.

Efficiency and security: PROMT presents a new generation of automatic translation solutions
PROMT presents the new 19th version of machine translators for enterprise and home segments.

Review of PROMT Start is published on the portal Taimienphi.vn
The Vietnamese portal Taimienphi.vn published an in-depth review of the cloud service PROMT Start which provides not only translation of words and  texts but entire documents.

PROMT offline translation modules are integrated into Travis the Translator
The software developer PROMT and the manufacturer of Travis the Translator signed an agreement on integrating the PROMT offline translation engines into the Travis gadget.

Going to the FIFA World Cup with PROMT
On 14th June in Russia the 21th Football World Cup gets underway: according to preliminary estimates of FiFA, at least 400 thousand foreign fans will arrive to the Championship. PROMT has prepared itself for this much-anticipated event and updated content of automatic translators which will help the foreign guests to get along with Russians and discuss the World Cup without language barriers.

PROMT company prepares for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
To make impressions of the World Cup the most rewarding, we have developed applications permitting foreign tourists to effortlessly team up with locals, and Russians - to communicate with visitors without difficulty.

PROMT announced launch of the bot translator for Telegram and Skype
The bot Translate.Ru operates on the basis of the latest company’s technologies for machine translation and is intended to make communication with foreigners or reading original articles as simple as possible

PROMT took part in Mobile World Congress 2018
From February 26 to March 1, in Barcelona the international conference Mobile World Congress 2018 was held. PROMT was represented at MWC by Nikita Shablykov, the chief sales officer.

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