PROMT has updated the interface of PROMT.One online translator

The free online translation service by PROMT gets a new interface for a better user experience. The translator now has a cleaner and more user-friendly interface: the Source and Translation fields are joined together, and not stretched to full screen.

The developers did usability testing and changed many elements. For example, they replaced the Translate button with an icon that joins the source text and translation. If you paste the copied text into the source text field or swap languages, there’s no need to click on theTranslation icon – the text will be auto-translated. The overall color scheme of the service is now lighter but important elements are highlighted in contrasting colors. 

PROMT.One translation service not only translates single words or texts but also displays reference information for words or even phrases highlighted in the text. When you highlight a word or phrase, the service displays dictionary information for words and idioms with real-life examples of usage. This allows showing all linguistic information on one screen and makes the service very convenient for learning languages or writing texts in foreign language.

The service still uses translation topics but there are fewer of them now. The developers say, this is due to the use of neural machine translation. The Universal translation model trained with millions of parallel sentences easily translates different types of text, so the user doesn't need to specify the topic.

Besides the Translator section , the service has Dictionary, Contexts and Word forms. In Dictionary you can see not only translation of a word but also common expressions with this word, its transcription, pronunciation, and see how the word is used in different contexts. The section Contexts is helpful for those who already know the language and would like to improve their language skills. In Word forms you can find all grammatical forms for English, German, French, Spanish and Russian nouns, verb, adjectives. The Company says German is the most popular in this section. And most often users are looking for German verb conjugation.

Registered users can add the content they like – translations, context examples to My Translations, which can be easily accessed any time. And not only in the web version, but also in PROMT.One mobile app for iOS and Android.

With a PREMIUM subscription, users get advanced features: PROMT.One Agent plugin for instant translation of words and texts not only in the browser, but also in any Windows application, disabled ads and offline language packages for PROMT.One mobile app.

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