Activate your product

Some PROMT products include the mandatory activation technology to prevent unlicensed distribution.

PROMT software product must be activated within 45 days after installation. If you didn't activate the purchased licensed copy of the program during the specified time, its operation will be suspended until it's activated.

Activation is performed after you have successfully installed the software and are ready to use it. Normally, the installer continues to activation as part of the entire installation process. You can also active your product in a manual mode.

In automatic mode,

if your computer is connected to the Internet, the activation wizard will connect to the authorization server, send and receive all the necessary information, and activate your product.

To activate manually, you can choose one of the options below:

online at
via email at

If you add or remove some hardware or software in your computer that requires reinstalling PROMT software, you will need to repeat activation.

You can activate your products up to three times, according to this Licensing Agreement. If you have used all three activations and need to activate your product again, please contact PROMT technical support.


To get the activation code, you need the registration information for the installed PROMT product. This information is available either via Activation Wizard or Registration form (please see above).

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