Privacy Policy for the promt website

We are so pleased to have you visit our website. We, the PROMT company (PROMT LLC, 199155, 17 Uralskaya st., build. 3, letter E, St. Petersburg, Russia) are responsibly fulfilling our duties concerning protection of your personal data and greatly appreciate your confidentiality.

  1. Introduction
    1. In this Privacy Policy we inform you about collection of information and personal data while using our site and PROMT products for OS Windows. Personal data means any information related to you, for example, your name, address or email.
    2. A data controller within the meaning of paragraph 7 Clause 4 GDPR Regulations is us, PROMT LLC, e-mail: All information about us can be found in the contact information
    3. To contact us, you may send us an email or use the contact form on this website.
      To receive an answer to your request, please specify your effective email. If you wish, you may use an anonymous email address.
      If you write to us or send a message via the contact form, we will save data provided by you, for example, your email, your name and phone number, in order to answer your letter. When storing this information is no longer needed, we will delete the collected personal data. If the law obliges to store data, we will restrict any processing of your data.
    4. Some functions of our website require involvement of external service providers. This is described in Clause 6 of this Policy.
  2. Data acquisition and storage when accessing our site
    1. If you browse our website, we collect those personal data which your browser (a program by which you browse the website) automatically transmits to our server. Hereafter information is collected without your taking part in it and is temporarily saved in the log file up to the automatic removal (7 days at the latest):
      • IP address of the computer from which you access the website,
      • date and time of access the website,
      • search request by which you are taken to the website,
      • name and version of browser,
      • your computer operating system and interface language,
      • name of your Internet access provider.
    2. We use this information for safe and stable demonstration of our website. Particularly, to provide good connection, comfortable use of the website as well as assessment of stability and security.
    3. Our legitimate interest in collection of this data is conditioned by the purposes of data collection stated above.
  3. Data disclosure and transmission
    Transfer of your personal data to the third parties is possible only for the following purposes and under the following conditions:
    1. after presentation of your express consent,/li>
    2. disclosure of information for provision or protection of our legitimate interests, if there are no grounds to think that you have a preemptive legitimate interest in nondisclosure of your data,
    3. processing is necessary for compliance with legal obligations which party we are,
    4. to the extent allowed by the law and necessary for performance of the contract with you.
    5. We never transfer to any third party the data acquired in accessing our site (Section 2), data acquired via feedback forms (Clause 6.1.), data acquired in installation of a PROMT product for OS Windows.
  4. Your rights to personal data
    You have the following rights to personal data related to you:
    1. Right to information: you may request information on your personal data processed by us.
    2. Right to correction: you may immediately request to rectify incorrect or wrongly filled personal data in our storage.
    3. Right to cancellation: you may request to remove your personal data in our storage.
    4. Right to restriction of processing: you may request to restrict processing of your personal data in our storage.
    5. Right to objection against processing: you may at any time withdraw your consent on which basis processing has been carried out.
    6. Right to data portability: you may request provision of your personal data in structured, normally used and machine-readable format as well as request transfer to the other designated person.
    7. You may lodge complaint with your local agency for data protection concerning processing of your personal data.
  5. Cookies
    1. Along with data mentioned in Clause 2 above, while using our website on your device the cookies are stored.
      Сookies are small text files stored on your device and related to the browser in use. Cookies contain certain information and are used for the purpose of making our site more convenient and efficient as well as improving our products and services.
      We are not able to recognize your personality through cookies, moreover cookies cannot call up a program or transfer viruses to your computer.
    2. On our site the following cookies are used:
      • Session cookies which we use to assign a unique ID to your device every time you visit one of our sites. Session cookies are removed once the browser is closed. They are used for maintaining our site functionalities and analysis of your working with the site: for example, what website pages are visited, what links are used and a time spent on each page as well as what pages are most popular.
      • Сookies of third-party services and offices, namely Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. Cookies installed by third-party services and offices are described in Clause 6 of the Policy.
    3. Data processed by cookies is intended for safe and stable demonstration of our website, as well as collection of anonymized statistic information on using and visiting our site.
    4. You may visit the website without cookies, to do this you have to change your browser settings to disable receipt of cookie files. However in this case you cannot use all functions of our site.
    5. Usually, browsers are set to receive cookies. Nevertheless, you may disable cookies through settings of your browser. You may also change settings to enable certain cookies or notify you each time a new cookie is stored on your computer to decide whether you receive or reject the cookie. To control your usage of cookies, different resources are available, for example, function Help of your browser.
  6. Additional functions of the website / Integration of third-party services and offices
    Apart from the possibility of purely informative our website browsing, we offer different services that you may actively use should you be interested in it. To do this, as a rule you have to provide additional personal information to be used for provision of the respective service.
    1. Answers to demands and provision of technical support.
      1. You may submit a request via the contact form regarding the product you have purchased. For this end please provide the following data:
        • your name (optionally),
        • email (for answer by our Support Desk),
        • information on the software product you are requesting (name and version of product, license number, operating system). Presentation of this data is optional,
        • description of a problem/your question.
      2. Information listed above we use in preparation of an accurate answer to your request. We also store requests received via the website to collect statistics on malfunction of our products in order to develop and improve within the 5-year cycle of the respective product support.
      3. If you do not wish to provide personal data, you may put an anonymous address in the “email” box, or you may call to our Support Desk on the phone +7 (812) 655-0350 or toll-free number: 1-877-595-5181 (business hours 10.00 am to 7.00 pm, GMT+3).
    2. Direct mail
      1. If you wish to receive by email our free newsletters about actions and proposals, you have to subscribe on our website on a once-only basis giving just your email address.
      2. For registration for our newsletters a dual confirmation is used. After registration we will send to the address that you have specified an e-mail asking to confirm your consent to receive our mailing. It helps to avoid precarious registrations. If you do not confirm your registration within 24 hours, your data will be shut down and removed within one month.
      3. Once you confirmed subscription to our direct mail we save your email address to send our newsletters to you. Your address will be used only for this purpose.
      4. At any time you may opt-out of the email subscription. For this end please press hyperlink referred to in every email. In this case we will terminate mailing to your address and no later than within one month delete your e-mail from our database.
    3. Third-party services and offices
      1. On our site we make use of services Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics to collect information on utilization of our site. Therewith we evaluate the way our site is used. For example, what link you have used to go to our site, what pages you have browsed. It helps us to improve our site and make it more convenient.
      2. Google, providing Google Analytics service, and Yandex, providing Yandex.Metrics service, also reserve the right to collect data.
      3. Third-party services collect data by cookies. You may:
      4. Separately for Google Analytics: (а) Change cookie parameters and fully disable these functions on page Ads Preferences Manager. (б) deny Google to trace cookies by downloading and installing a special plug-in for browser
        • Separately for Yandex.Metrics: deny Yandex to collect data by downloading and installing a special plug-in for browser
        • disable saving of any cookies by selection of respective settings in your browser.
  7. Collection of personal data in PROMT products for Windows operating system
    1. At the stage of installation of a PROMT software product on your computer we save your IP address (in case of automatic activation of our product), as well as information provided by you: user name, your first name and surname, e-mail, date and point of purchase of the license for the PROMT product, MyPromt service password.
    2. Your personal data will be processed for the following purposes:
      • in automatic activation we save your IP address and ask you to provide information on date/point of purchase of our product to verify the license legality and prevent unauthorized distribution of pirate copies of our product;
      • we use the user name, your first name and surname, e-mail to render personalized technical support, and if the password is given, you may access MyPromt. Your e-mail and password are necessary for registration of MyPromt personal account which allows for getting the additional service of our company.
    3. No presentation of any data is compulsory. If you do not wish to provide your data to us you may activate the PROMT product manually and not fill the data requirement form.
    4. Hereafter, when the product is in operation, we no longer use and store any data.
      Note: since May 25, 2018, we turned off data acquisition functionality for PROMT products version 18 and earlier versions. In PROMT products version 19 we ask for your consent to collect data while installing a PROMT product.
  8. Objection to your data processing
    1. You may take exception against processing of your personal data. In this case, please give reasons of your specific situation that do not allow to process your personal data.
    2. You may take exception against processing of your personal data for advertizing and/or analysis of data at any time without giving any reason.
    3. If you have given your consent to process your data, you may withdraw it at any time. In order to exercise a right of withdrawal, please send email to:
  9. Conclusion
    We hope we have presented complete and accurate information in your data. Should you have any questions or need information related to data protection, please contact us at:
    We are always happy to provide additional information.