The most relevant information for scientific and educational activities is often available only in foreign languages. The possibility to get a fast and high quality translation has become an integral part of today’s education process.

PROMT Education is a program purposefully designed for educational institutions helping students, applicants, post-graduate students, teachers, researchers and administrative workers get the most out of their education while wasting the least amount of time.


  • access to any resources in foreign languages for writing papers, reports and presentations
  • continuous improvement of the level of professional knowledge and the quality of self-dependent work

  • effective foreign language study based on the most modern technologies
  • budget optimization – a modern set of the
    software with up to 1,000 licenses

Translation is tuned for academic, general and specialized subjects: humanities social, natural and applied sciences
Text translation and electronic dictionaries on: physics, mathematics, linguistics, law, chemistry, ecology, biology, economy, management, and information technology
Documents translation preserving the original structure of the most popular formats: DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), PDF, XML, HTML, JPEG, BMPP
PROMT Agent plugin: receive translations without switching between applications
Absolute information confidentiality of translations
The software works offline


English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, French

  • number of concurrent licenses: 100,
  • maximum number of users: 1000
  • PROMT Education Package comprises: the fullest collection of dictionaries:
    «Full Multilingual Dictionaries Collection» (dictionaries on science, business, industry, engineering,  IT and other).

Dictionaries ensure a more precise translation of text containing specialized terminology.

  • provision of a scanned image of a license to conduct educational activity
  • Subscription for every year of the solution use:1 400 $.

The price of the solution for organizations not participating in the program is 34 500 $.

Online services
Translation of industry-specific documents
Translation in desktop applications and browsers, integration into document flow or Intranet portal
Translation customization and possibility of creating user dictionaries
Ability to work offline
Confidentiality guaranteed
Text recognition in images

University of Udine
Duke University
Concordia University
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

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