PROMT presented new solutions for private and corporate users

PROMT introduces PROMT Neural Translation Server, PROMT Professional NMT and PROMT Master NMT, a New Generation of Neural Machine Translation Solutions for Businesses and Private Users.

The key feature of the solutions is that they have been trained on huge amounts of data from a wide subject-area spectrum. This allows to deliver better raw translations that is perfect for gisting purposes and requires less post-editing when used for localization or professional translation.

While using any PROMT product to translate private or sensitive information, users can be sure of complete confidentiality and security because all products don’t require internet connection and don’t deliver, share or otherwise provide access of translate data to any services or third-party software. None of translated data, even accidentally, leak out or become vulnerable unlike online translation services whether free or available on a subscription basis.

PROMT technologies of machine learning for neural translation help to improve the baseline translation quality and customize the solutions to domain-specific content. Customization can be made on previous translated data (parallel text corpora) or glossaries to define how brand names, geo names and other unique terms get translated.

The new version of PROMT Neural Translation Server runs both on Windows and Linux OS, which helps to reach more potential customers because of growing popularity of Unix-like OS worldwide. PROMT Neural Translation Server translates texts without restriction on volume, large documents in many formats (MS Office, pdf, xml, html, etc.) or web sites. The product has API/SDK, which makes it easy to localize applications, web sites, or process multilingual data in different workflows. The new version support translation between 40+ languages.

PROMT Professional NMT is a desktop solution for small businesses. It is designed to translate texts of any size and documents. The product can be integrated with Trados Studio for professional translation.

PROMT Master NMT is a desktop translator for private users. The product is available in different language packages and allows to translation between English, French, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

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