German magazine c’t about PROMT Master NMT: “PROMT has advantages over web services”

German computer magazine c’t (Computertechnik) has published two reviews of the desktop translator PROMT Master NMT – an offline solution based on neural network technology. The authors noted the high quality of translation along with guaranteed security of data being translated, that sets the Translator apart from online translation services.

The fourth issue of the edition published an article Übersetzen ohne Cloud – “Translate without cloud”. The publication emphasized that PROMT Master NMT ensures completely secure translation: “The new PROMT Translator has the advantage over the web services: the translation takes place locally and, for example, patent specifications, contract texts or other confidential documents do not have to be uploaded to external servers in order to translate them into the target language.” 

The fifth issue of the c’t magazine published a review named Diskretes Sprachtalent – “Discrete talent for languages.”  The author highlighted some convenient features of PROMT Master NMT, such as translation with original formatting retained, editing translation with the help of user dictionary, and PROMT Agent application for translation in third-party apps.  “In order to process several files one after another, they can be added to the queue via a selection dialog or dragged and dropped from the Explorer into the Translator”, the article says. 

Furthermore, the review compared PROMT Master NMT to the online service DeepL, which translation from and into German is highly appreciated by experts. The authors emphasized that PROMT translation is comparable to DeepL , but unlike the competitor,  PROMT can be used to translate sensitive information,  without fear that the data gets online:  “Both translators sometimes chose different vocabulary, but delivered texts that were almost equally good overall.”

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