Meet the new online-translator.com

PROMT has updated its free translation service on www.online-translator.com. The service got its new name – PROMT.One – and is powered by PROMT Neural Machine Translation now. PROMT.One PREMIUM subscription offers many more opportunities - a plugin for instant translation in any Windows app or browser and offline translation in PROMT.One mobile app for iOS and Android.

Online Service Features

PROMT.One online service is not just able to translate words, phrases and text fragments from one language into another, it also helps in learning languages. In the 'Dictionary' section you can search for translation of words and idioms, see the transcription and listen to pronunciation. In 'Word Forms' you'll find information about forms and tenses of the English, German, Spanish, French and Russian verbs. And in 'Contexts' you can see how a word or word sequence is used in different contexts.

Both registered and unregistered users can use the online service, but registration gives you more options. Thus, when you enter your email and password or verify your social media account, you get the opportunity to synchronize the content added to 'My translations' on the website with Favorites in the iOS or Android app.

PROMT.One Agent

PROMT.One now has a feature of translating texts in a pop-up in any Windows application and in any browser – PROMT.One Agent. With the new feature users can get translation wherever they need it, without switching between applications, and see detailed dictionary information, listen to pronunciation and learn the transcription of a word.

The new feature is only available for PROMT.One registered users with PREMIUM subscription.

PROMT.One for iOS and Android

Free PROMT.One mobile translator is available in AppStore and Google Play. The app incorporates the functions of translator, dictionary and phrasebook; it works in 'Dialog' mode, giving you the opportunity of talking to foreigners in their native language. The app recognizes and translates text in images; it also has speech-to-text and text-to-speech features and saves on roaming data. The iOS version includes a widget for instant translation. It is compatible with Apple Watch and is able to translate messages in iMessage. The app for Android displays translation of the copied text right in the notification panel.

PREMIUM Features

Users can subscribe via desktop or mobile version or in iOS and Android app of PROMT.One. It provides advanced features, such as unlimited offline translation and ad-free mode. The monthly subscription fee is $1.99, and the annual subscription fee is $13.99. You can test the subscription features for free a week.

Learn more about PROMT.One in our video.

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