PROMT presented new solutions for corporate users

PROMT Introduces PROMT Neural Translation Server 21 and PROMT Master NMT 21, a New Generation of Machine Translation Solution for Businesses.

PROMT has announced the release of PROMT Neural Translation Server 21 and PROMT Master NMT 21, the next generation of its  machine translation solutions for corporate customers based on the latest innovations in AI and deep learning. PROMT held an online presentation of the 21st generation solutions where company’s experts spoke about the cutting-edge MT technology, significant improvements in translation quality and data protection requirements for MT solutions.  

The products are based on a cutting-edge hybrid technology PROMT Neural, that combines neural approach (NMT) and rule-based approach  (RBMT). Alexander Molchanov, Head of MT Development Department at PROMT, noted that this technology achieved human-level translation quality and the result requires no post-edtiting in most cases: "We can achieve high quality of machine translation thanks to the ability of the neural network model to be trained on previously made translations. Our systems first form the basic "vocabulary", being trained on commonly used data, and then they "remember" narrow terms, being trained on the customer's data." 

In addition, corporate solutions of the 21 version received tools for tuning with glossaries to control the terminology. "Any user can give the desired translation to a word or a word combination – this is the translation that will be displayed in the result," explained Alexander Molchanov. The tool has a easy-to-use and friendly interface, which is convenient for professional and non-preofessional end users. 

Nikita Shablykov, PROMT CCO, emphasized in his speech that PROMT solutions are safe for handling sensitive content: «PROMT solutions ensure confidentiality of translated data, and they can work in a closed network. They brings customers optimal quality and complies with the most demanding standards in terms of IT security and data protection.

PROMT Neural Translation Server is a client-server solution for the corporate segment. It can be integrated into customer's network, doesn't require Internet connection, and is compatible  with both Linux and Windows servers. PROMT Neural Translation Server translates texts, documents in any  popular formats, web sites and business correspondence.  The solution includes PROMT Agent – a plugin for instant translation in any application or browser. The product can be integrated with CAT systems: SDL Trados Studio, Memsource, Across.

PROMT Master NMT is a desktop program for translating texts of any size, documents, and business correspondence. The product can be integrated with SDL Trados Studio.

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