The easiest way to translation


Translate texts without switching between applications
in MS Office, Adobe Reader/Acrobat

Just select the text – and you get to know its translation in an instant! No more losing time at copy-pasting and switching between translator desktop application or online translator. PROMT Agent will deliver translation right in the application that you are working in.
Watch the video about PROMT Agent

in all browsers, messengers and other applications

PROMT Agent will even detect the input language for you!

Look up an unknown word in the dictionary
and learn all its meanings

You are proficient in foreign language and all you need is a dictionary?

With the PROMT Agent you’ll be able to immediately see the translations of words and collocations.

Enable translation profiles
and use industry-specific terms

PROMT Agent doesn't have a complicated interface or convoluted settings. Nevertheless, we left for you one tiny setting: indicate the subject of a text to get a more precise translation. For example, «Gerisht» is translated into German  as Armageddon when subject it set to «Religion» and as court, when the subject is «Personal correspondence».

Quick actions in PROMT Agent


Translate text
Just select the text fragment with your mouse and press CTRL twice.
Or use settings to translate text right after it is selected.

Copy the translation
Press this button so that the translation is copied to the clipboard. Now you can paste it anywhere without losing a word.

Toggle the window
PROMT Agent window goes to the background as soon as you click with your mouse. In order to keep it on top, press this button. In this mode you’ll be able to drag the PROMT Agent window wherever you want.


Translate document
Drag the document with your mouse on the PROMT Agent window and get it translated, keeping the original structure and format.


Translate text in an image
Only for PTS or PROMT START users.
In order to get subtitles, drawings, infographics or scanned documents translated, press CTRL+` and select the area containing text.

Translate a site
Only for PTS or PROMT START users.
Select a link with your mouse, press CTRL twice and get an entire webpage translated, including images and URLs. To view the result open your PROMT translator or set it up so that the translation is displayed as a separate page

Watch the video about PROMT Agent

If you use PROMT START or PROMT Translation Server (version 10 or higher)

How to install PROMT Agent for Windows
How to translate using PROMT Agent for Windows

Don’t have a PROMT Translator yet?

PROMT Agent is included in all PROMT translators, except PROMT for MS Office.