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The PROMT SMB solution is named as the best Russian software application

In the traditional annual overview of the PC Magazine/Russian Edition, the PROMT SMB solution was selected by experts as one of the best Russian software applications. In connection with this, the corresponding certificate was issued for the PROMT company.

PROMT SMB, first offered in 2012, is a server solution that provides the staff of small companies with technical translation. The solution specifically targets the typical needs of a small business, which often requires the accurate translation of texts that vary in style and lexicon, including such things as business correspondence, contractual agreements, news pieces, technical specifications, and many other types of documents. In addition, the solution needs to be effective and inexpensive. PROMT SMB fully meets these requirements and, due to this, has become quite popular among many clients, and now has been officially recognized for its various achievements by top experts in the field.

According to the PC Magazine/RE, this is not the first time that a PROMT product has achieved the status of a top pick. For example, in 2010, the PROMT NET Professional 9.0 desktop solution snagged this award. For a complete list of PROMT's product awards, please visit their webpage.

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