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15 th anniversary of the Runet first online translator

St. Petersburg, March 6, 2013. Translate.Ru, PROMT's online translation service, celebrates its 15 th anniversary.

The idea of creating a free translation service was conceptualized in 1998, as Russian users were desperately seeking a means to achieve instant translation. Today, 15 years later, Translate.Ru is still one of the most popular Internet resources around. Every month, about 7 million users translate texts from various knowledge domains and use the service for training, communication, and workplace applications. This service received the repeated accolades and was noted as the best in the Runet, garnering a number of awards – the "Runet Award" (2007), "Gold Website" (2002), and "Business Website" (2000) – are only some examples.


"Along with the technological aspects of the Translate.Ru operation, we make it a key point to solicit users' feedback to understand their needs and to react to them quickly," – says Boris Tikhomirov, PROMT's Internet Project Director. "During regularly conducted surveys, users can offer their directions of translation, tell us what else they want from the service, and often suggest fresh innovations. If they are not satisfied with the translation, they can offer suggestion instantly!"

The growing interest in social networks testifies to the popularity of this service. The total number of VKontakte and Facebook subscribers using this service has already exceeded 100,000 people!

Translate.Ru is the only free online translation service that provides users with not only high-quality translation of texts and websites, but also with a possibility of easy and quick customization in the required subject areas. Today, the translation customization of the 16 most popular subject areas is available on the website, among which are "Education", "Computers", "Online shopping", and several others. This service supports 28 language pairs and includes the most widespread European languages – English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

A special emphasis is put on those who are learning foreign languages: a grammatical reference book for both the English and German languages, detailed word help, transcription, and pronunciation are all available to them.

Having considered the main trends of the last few years – mobility and social networks – Translate.Ru created an application for the VKontakte social network and mobile translators for both iOS and Android, which have already been downloaded by over two million people! The Translate.Ru mobile translator is notable for its user-friendly interface and high-quality translation, as well as offering offline features that are very convenient and popular in light of often-expensive mobile roaming charges. Additionally, a modern and witty phrase book is great for travelers.

Translate.Ru is also a key component in tackling and solving serious business challenges. Internet portals embed the Translate.Ru API into their websites as this additional service attracts more users to the projects. In addition, Translate.Ru is a successful advertising platform that showcases great promotional opportunities. Every month, this service's users perform up to 100 million translations with a total volume of more than 10 billion kilobytes.

The developers of Translate.Ru have always treated their pet project with humor and grace, laughing along with their users at the sometimes amusing translations produced by the service. In celebration of this, for its birthday, Translate.Ru launched a riddle contest on various social networking sites: the challenge being to guess song lyrics and popular movie titles as, sometimes, the system took liberty with a few of the entries. Nevertheless, Translate.Ru users took on this challenge, solving the rebuses with gusto and aplomb. After all, they knew that they would surely succeed with Translate.Ru!

About Translate.Ru

  • It is the first online translator in the Runet.
  • It launched in 1998.
  • It supports 28 language pairs for 7 European languages.
  • It has up to 100 million viewings a month and is visited by about 7 million people.
  • The founder and owner of the website is PROMT, the leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for corporate clients and private users.

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