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PROMT in Latin America

St. Petersburg, April 11 th , 2013. PROMT, the leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for enterprise level clients and private users, presents its online store for Latin America created with the support of Avangate.

Created in 2006, Avangate is an international service of electronic commerce. Headquartered in Amsterdam with many offices worldwide, the company's clients praise its convenience, its platform flexibility, and its support of various payment systems.

In the new PROMT online store, you can purchase products for home use such as PROMT Standard 9.0 , PROMT Personal 9.0 and PROMT Professional 9.0 .

These products support up to six languages. In the Latin American market, Spanish is offered as the basic language. Using these products, you can translate various texts, documents in different formats, and websites. Moreover, you can learn languages and even chat with native speakers via Skype or ICQ. Millions of people around the world use PROMT's products for education, communication, work, and many other reasons.

"We selected Avangate as it is a reliable business partner and they support all Latin American currencies." says the Head of PROMT's Department for International Trade, Alexey Lyapunov. "Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile are our main markets in Latin America because users from these countries showed the greatest activity on our websites and online stores."

Avangate has also become a PROMT partner for online sales in Spain and France.


PROMT, with its development center located in Russia, is a leading developer of Machine Translation solutions for both enterprise level clients and individual users.

PROMT has:

  • More than 20 years of the successful development, advancement, and implementation of text translation solutions
  • 15 supported languages, with many more in constant development
  • More than 10,000 corporate customers of all sizes in the fields of IT, the production industries, finance, trade, the sciences, education, translation services, and public sectors, among several others, all over the world. Companies such as Norilsk Nickel, Gazprom, Lukoil, PayPal, TripAdvisor, Mail.Ru and many others are among PROMT's customers.
  • Translate.ru, an interactive online translation service

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