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Mobile Translate.Ru Has Come to the German Market

St. Petersburg, May 13, 2013: Translate.Ru, the top online translation service in the Russian Internet, owned by PROMT, announces the release of the German version for mobile applications.

Mobile translators with a German interface are, first of all, intended for the markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other German-speaking countries. Traditionally, PROMT has had a strong presence in these markets, despite heavy competition. This is true both for PROMT translation systems and the Translate.Ru online service, known to foreign users as Online-Translator.com. One of the fastest growing market segments is mobile applications users; this is exactly why PROMT has taken steps to increase its presence in this market.

Applications have been released both for iOS and Android, both paid and free versions. The German release coincided with the increase of the quantity of German offline dictionaries. A user can download them to his or her phone or tablet and then translate offline. The company plans to issue a German phrase book that will also be able for download on a mobile device.

"To win the German market of mobile applications, we have to talk to the user in his native language, – the head of the German office of PROMT, Igor Jourist, says. – The translation quality of PROMT is well known to our users, therefore an already-familiar and trusted product packaged for modern technology has an excellent future."

Translate.Ru mobile translators first appeared on the market a year and a half ago. During this time, the have been downloaded approximately 2.5 million times. In stores where mobile applications are sold, they hold strong positions at the top of this category.

Mobile applications page: http://www.translate.ru/Mobile/

About Translate.Ru

  • The first online translation service in the Russian Internet (Runet).
  • Launched in 1998.
  • Supports 28 language pairs for 7 European languages.
  • Up to 100 million viewings and about 7 million visitors a month.
  • Founded and owned by PROMT, the leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for corporate clients and private users worldwide.

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