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PROMT Solution Receives the Highest Expert Rating

Experts of the PC Magazine/Russian Edition test laboratory assigned the highest grade to the industry server solution of PROMT IT and Telecommunications during their recent laboratory testing. The relevant certificate was issued in June of 2013.

The solution of PROMT IT and Telecommunications was released as a part of a PROMT line of industry products at the beginning of 2012. Industry solutions for automatic translation allow users to get high-quality translation of technical and business documentation including instructions, equipment descriptions, agreements, business correspondence, and many other documents.

To create them, PROMT experts summarized the experience of using translation solutions in hundreds of companies across a variety of industries, updated and compiled new specialized dictionaries containing the most modern and often-used terminology, and created ready settings for the translation of standard industry documentation. In particular, during the preparation of the PROMT IT and Telecommunications solution, we used the experience of PROMT translation systems implementation in joint projects with Adobe, Cisco, PayPal, and many other well-known companies. Thanks to this process, the solution contains the most modern and common-used terminology on Information Technology, administration, IT system security, data storage, development project management, and many other related topics.

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