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PROMT Technologies Integrated into Crosslanguage Solutions

St. Petersburg, February 11th, 2014. PROMT, the leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions for enterprise-level clients and private users, has announced a new partnership with Crosslanguage Inc.

The Crosslanguage company, a Japanese developer of automatic translation systems, has acquired the rights of PROMT technology integration for use in its solutions. Additionally, PROMT translation will be embedded into the operation of Japanese search services, educational, and language websites, including Crosslanguage's own website. In addition to translation from and into Russian, based on PROMT's technology, which has been repeatedly recognized as the world's-best, there will also be translation for other European languages. Under the agreement, the Russian developer integrates the Japanese language into their PROMT Translation Server corporate solution.

"We are pleased with the new cooperation and emerging opportunities . For our clients from the energy sector, construction, mechanical engineering, and other industries, the availability of Japanese in our products is very important. This technology has been requested for some time now: we are finally ready to provide our clients with a modern and convenient solution for high quality translation from and into Japanese."

Julia Epifantseva, Development Director, PROMT

PROMT Translation Server is a solution that provides effective translation to various specialists within a company. Thanks to the solution, the company's employees can translate documents, presentations, and correspondence easily and fast. An important feature of the PROMT solution is the option to translate without an Internet connection, which eliminates the possibility of confidential information being accidentally disclosed to third parties, which cannot be excluded when requesting translation via online services.

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