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PROMT 10 – Your Personal Translator

15th of May, 2014, St. Petersburg. The PROMT company releases the 10th generation of its automatic translation solutions designed for individual and corporate users. The new product line allows users to perform even higher quality translation and to have unique options for translation in any Windows-based programs and applications.

Our new line includes the following products:

  • PROMT Personal 10 – a translator for work, studying, and communication
  • PROMT Office 10 – a solution for the efficient translation of documents and email
  • PROMT Professional 10 – a business-level solution for individual and corporate users
  • PROMT Expert 10 – a professional translator's tool

All the 10th generation products are characterized by several key components that provide the essentially new level of translation quality and overall user-friendliness of the PROMT software products.

Autonomy and Confidentiality
The 10G line products can all operate in an offline mode and do not depend on an Internet connection to work; therefore, all translated information is kept confidential.

Revolutionary PROMT Agent
The 10G product line includes a unique PROMT Agent plug-in whereby a user can translate a text in any active window of Windows OS with just one click.

Translation of Entire Documents
Preserving the original source structure and format of translated documents is also one of the 10G line's key features. This new generation of software uses an innovative program to recognize the text of documents in the PDF format, which automatically increases translation quality up to 30%.

Individual Customization
The advanced list of setup options and availability of the MyPROMT personal user section allow users to customize the software according to their individual needs, to download updates, to participate in industry-related activities and events, and to exchange dictionaries.

All PROMT 10G products are compatible with the Windows 8 operating system (and earlier versions too), can be integrated into many popular browsers including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and support the translation of documents in the most often used formats including pdf, doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), rtf, txt, xml, and html, and many others.

Thanks to the considerably revised and updated dictionary bases, the advanced translation algorithms, the option to use PROMT as an electronic dictionary , which includes more than 2,500,000 words and phrases covering various branches of knowledge and industry segments, PROMT's 10th generation products can be a magnificent tool for both work and study.

"The new PROMT line is not just a high-quality translator. It is a fully-featured linguistic tool that allows the user to work or study in a proficient and timely manner . According to our research, despite the rapidly growing popularity of online services, the programs that are installed on desktop computers are in ongoing demand. First of all, this is due to the fact that they allow users to continue their work in familiar conditions, as well as ensuring reliability and data privacy when translating".
– Julia Epifantseva, PROMT Development Director

The PROMT company announces that starting August 31, 2014, technical support and upgrades to the new 10.0 version with a discount of 50% will be provided only to users with either version 9.0 or 9.5. PROMT recommends that users who will not be in a position to upgrade right after June 30 th should complete and submit a request form before that date to guarantee the upgrade price, which will be good until the end of 2014.

You can purchase the new products in the PROMT online store and in our partners' stores throughout Russia.

For more detailed information on the programs and the system requirements, visit our respective website sections for individual and corporate users.


  • PROMT is a leading developer of Machine Translation solutions for both enterprise-level clients and individual users
  • More than 20 years of the successful development, advancement, and implementation of text translation solutions
  • 15 supported languages, with many more in constant development
  • More than 15,000 corporate customers of all sizes in the fields of IT, the production industries, finance, trade, the sciences, education, translation services, and public sectors, among several others, all over the world. Such large companies as Norilsk Nickel, PayPal, Gazprom, Cisco, Lukoil, TripAdvisor, Mail.Ru and many others are among PROMT's customers, as well as a great number of small and medium-sized businesses and millions of home users worldwide
  • www.online-translator.com – the free online translation service
  • Mobile applications line for all popular platforms (with more than 4.5 million downloads)

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