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PROMT Project in Concordia University

Usage of PROMT Software Solutions in the educational process of the Concordia University (Canada).

Over the last decade the relevance of the machine translation (MT) has greatly increased among both ordinary users and professionals. Linguists and translators more often resort to the use of integrated translation technologies; and for a young professional the experience of using automatic translation systems is not a means of personal enrichment, but a professional necessity. The world’s leading universities include study and use of MT technologies in the learning process. One of these educational institutions is the Concordia University (Canada).

Debbie Folaron, Assosiate Professor in the Concordia University, and Jutta Ensel, Lecturer of Translation Studies, shared their opinion on using PROMT in the educational process.

In terms of teaching PROMT is an excellent tool for detailed study of MT principles and natural language processing. This enables students to apply theory to real MT projects.

Before starting to use PROMT products our students take a preliminary course including the history of machine translation, general concepts and various approaches used in the MT. Then we start working with PROMT and do some translations, which are later analyzed by students. Handling translation errors students suggest terms that could be entered into users dictionaries for improving the MT results and also for adapting the translation according to the peculiarities of the text type. Our students quickly acquire skills necessary for work with both simple and advanced functions of dictionary encoding. This practical work allows them to learn different types of linguistic knowledge used in PROMT Translator.

Those students who had enrolled in an innovative program with use of machine translation tools said with certainty that they now see the MT in a very different way. To the question of what new things they had learned about machine translation while using PROMT, 90% of students responded that even the basic knowledge about the MT was new to them, namely the possibility of creating dictionaries and other options for adjusting translation. Practically all students agreed that the PROMT interface is very user friendly and easy to learn. They were also amazed with the amount of linguistic information processed. It was noted that the optimization of the MT by encoding the dictionary helps to considerably reduce translating and editing time. Students pointed out this theoretical and practical course of work with machine translation systems will help them with future employment and will mark them out among other candidates to a considerable degree.

Concordia University

Concordia University (commonly referred to as Concordia) is a Canadian public comprehensive university with campuses and facilities in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The University ranks sixth among the largest universities in the education system in Canada: 46,000 students are enrolled in studies. Concordia offers more than 300 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs, diplomas, and certificates and maintains formal ties with over 100 institutions in 33 countries.

Besides, the University has about 18 research centers. Researches are focused on social science, arts, engineering, and biology. The university's John Molson School of Business is consistently ranked within the top ten Canadian business schools, and within the top 100 worldwide.


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