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PROMT Released New Offline Translator for Mac OS for European Languages

The first offline translator for Mac is just released. Now MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac owners will be able to quickly and easily translate single words and texts without connection to the Internet from English into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and vice versa.

PROMT Offline Translator is an easy and smart translator. Usability is his operation principle. The app translates text on a source page without switching between program windows or browser tabs. To get translations, users only need to select a word or text fragment, use a hotkey and translation immediately appears in a pop-up window of PROMT Offline. The desired hotkey combination can be set by users themselves.

Security is another important advantage. Leakage of the confidential information is impossible when using PROMT Offline Translator, because data is stored on your computer but not on a server as it happens to online translations.

PROMT Offline Translator is not a dictionary, but a fully functional translator. It runs under a unique PROMT translation technology which is used successfully for more than 20 years worldwide. The product consists of a large universal dictionary and extra dictionaries on several topics. As a result you get a high-quality translation, depending also on the context and the style of the text.

The application is compatible with browsers (Safari, Chrome), Microsoft Word 2011, Apple iBooks, Apple TextEdit, Apple Pages and other programs that support OS X Services.

PROMT Offline Translator for Mac is already available for downloading from the Mac App Store. Until February 11th, a special price is $19.99.

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