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PROMT machine translation implemented into Amadeus Fare Rules Translator

The PROMT company announces the implementation of PROMT Translation Server 11 into the new Amadeus Fare Rules Translator application from the Amadeus company. The new application allows optimizing the process of airline tickets sale and improving the quality of service for travel agencies' clients.

The Amadeus company offers a range of solutions developed specifically for the Russian market taking into account peculiarities of regulation and meeting the industry needs. The new application provides adaptive machine translation of FQN fare rules (Fare Application Conditions) from English into Russian. Due to the use of advanced technologies and customized settings, the professional terminology of tourism industry is taken into account in the application. With its help travel agents will be able to quickly and easily obtain necessary information and provide passengers with complete and up-to-date information on terms of travel and restrictions of the chosen fare.

“One of our key goals is to make work with Amadeus easy and convenient for representatives of the Russian tourism industry,” comments Valery Khrabrov, CEO of Amadeus Information Technology, LLC (Amadeus Russia). “The launch of our application is yet another step that facilitates the work of travel agents in Russia. Thanks to modern technologies even those who lack advanced English skills and terminology fluency will be able to serve customers at the highest level thus raising the effectiveness of work and quality of service.”

“Using the machine translation in the Amadeus application is a compelling example of the effective integration of linguistic technologies into business,” says Svetlana Sokolova, CEO of PROMT. “The translation of FQN fare rules represents a task which only an automatic translator can cope with. As the content of these rules is every so often updated by the airlines, to be up-to-date its translation should be available to the customer on the fly, in real-time mode. Solving this problem we were able to customize the translation system for this exact type of content and, as a result, to get the adequate translation quality.”

Additional information

Amadeus is the leading provider of cutting edge IT solutions to the global tourism and travel industry. Amadeus customers include leading airlines, hotels, railway and other passenger transport services, travel sellers (offline and online travel agencies), as well as travel buyers (travel arrangements corporations and companies).

Amadeus Information Technology, LLC is a subsidiary of Amadeus IT Group and is responsible for the distribution of Amadeus' products and services in Russia, Armenia and Belarus. For more information about Amadeus solutions you can visit

www.amadeus.com, www.amadeus.com/blog and www.amadeus.ru

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