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PROMT translates e-mail letters at Caramail

The largest in the world free e-mail site Caramail (www.caramail.fr) launched a new service. Now that service enables Caramail users to translate e-mail letters online from English, German, French and Spanish.

The project is a unique one because Caramail is the first to integrate online translation into Web-mail system. Caramail users now have the opportunity to translate their letters to the chosen language and immediately send them or use the spelling corrector first.

The online translation service was implemented on the base of Internet-solution of the PROMT company (www.promt.ru) PROMT Internet Translation Server (PITS) using modern linguistic achievements and machine translation technologies.

According to statistics Caramail is the largest French site providing the service of free Internet e-mail and one of the biggest in Europe. So the translation service will certainly help to break language barriers, ease the contacts between users of different language origin and make an important contribution to the process of European countries joining.
The fast evolution of Russian Internet inspire that online services will become popular in our country also. World economy globalization and integration tendencies accelerate the process and the opportunity of free conversation between people independently from their native language becomes more and more indispensable.


PROMT is the leading provider of innovative machine translation technologies (MT) and the acknowledged conductor in the field of natural languages processing. The powerful combination of latest achievements in linguistics e and technological perfection of developing process ensures the highest quality of our MT systems.
PROMT's slogan is: "We make the world understandable".

Our Internet-solution PROMT Internet Translation Server (PITS) works mostly in the largest and most popular international and Russian sites: Spanish site of Lycos (www.lycos.es), the largest French free e-mail site Caramail (www.caramail.fr), server of the SMARTS project (www.smarts.org), the main Russian business information agency Rosbisunessconsulting (www.rbc.ru), popular Russian search engine APORT (www.aport.ru) and information portal Infoart (www.infoart.ru).

Alexander Andreev

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