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PROMT announces new family of MT products

PROMT, the leading provider of machine translation technologies, announced today the release of new PROMT 2000 Family's products: PROMT Translation Office 2000 and PROMT Internet 2000. PROMT Translation Office 2000 is the professional translation software intended to minimize costs of your translations and simplify handling of multilingual documents. This product is the next version of well-known PROjectMT 98 MT software. PROMT Internet 2000 is the new version of Internet translator to read web sites and simple texts from any Windows applications in your native language.

"The new PROMT 2000 Family targets the office people and professional translators who frequently works with documents written in foreign languages. PROMT Internet 2000 will open you access to news and business information from web sites in different languages. These MT products are the perfect solution to break language barriers in our world becoming more and more multilingual", PROMT's sales and marketing director Michael Kanichev said.

Key Features of PROMT Translation Office 2000

New professional MT system PROMT Translation Office 2000 provides a substantial improvement in translation quality owing to the use of enhanced MT engine and enlarged dictionaries. The seamless integration with Microsoft Office 2000 products allows you to translate texts within popular and custom office applications while preserving formatting of source documents. Due to topic templates, a customization of MT system for a specific subject became more flexible.

PROMT Translation Office 2000 includes 8 translation tools as follows:

  • SmarTool - integrates MT functions in Microsoft Office 97/2000 applications,
  • Mail Translator - translates e-mail letters in MicrosoftR Outlook 2000,
  • PROMT - professional MT system,
  • Dictionary Editor - new stand-alone application to create and use user's dictionaries efficiently,
  • Electronic Dictionary - large Russian-English-Russian dictionary (about 1.000.000 entries),
  • WebView - browser with online translation functions,
  • Qtrans - express translation of non-formatted texts and
  • Clipboard Translator - clipboard translation in one click.

PROMT Translation Office 2000 offers now English-Russian and Russian-English translation directions. Translation directions for French, German and Italian languages will be added in mid-December, 2000.

Key features of PROMT Internet 2000

PROMT Internet 2000 translates web sites and texts from English, German, French and Italian to Russian and back. The new version includes three applications:

  • Plug-in for MicrosoftR Internet Explorer 5.x - provides Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x with translation functions and makes it easy and comfortable to read foreign web sites in your native language,
  • R-Express - quick and easy translation of web pages or texts and
  • WebView - allows you to browse and translate multilingual web sites "on-the-fly" while keeping intact an original formatting.

The both products of PROMT 2000 Family are based on the same translation engine. It makes sure you will get the same high quality translation in any MT program of the PROMT 2000 Family. The variety of valuable functions of the software announced allows providing efficient translation as for office documents and Internet, as for professional translation.


PROMT, founded in 1991, is the leading provider of advanced machine translation technologies (MT) and the acknowledged conductor in the field of natural languages' processing. PROMT is the innovation and technological leader in MT industry. Now we provide the full range of translation solutions and services for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet.

PROMT ensures support and maintenance of the implemented systems worldwide and project management. Recently we have added human translation service and now are ready to offer technical documentation preconditioning, translation and publishing facilities. PROMT's Internet solution PROMT Internet Translation Server (PITS) works on the largest international and Russian sites: Spanish site of Lycos, French portal Voila, free e-mail portal Caramail, Canadian portal InfiniT, server of the SMARTS project, Russian search engine APORT and information portal Infoart.

Alexander Andreev
+7 (812) 327-4425

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