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PROMT licenses machine translation engine to Transparent Language

PROMT, the leading provider of machine translation technologies today announced contract with Transparent Language Inc., a leading developer of language technologies.

According to the contract PROMT's translation engine will be integrated in Transparent Language corporate solution Enterprise Translation ServerT. With this new engine Transparent Language will be able to provide its customers with the ability to translate text and web pages in 7 new language directions: English to/from Russian, French to/from Russian, German to/from Russian, and Italian to Russian.

The contract also grants Transparent Language the vendor status. It allows Transparent Language to distribute PROMT's box products around the world except the countries of former USSR.

The contract also provides Transparent Language will the capability to incorporate PROMT's translation engine in its online translation services FreeTranslation.com and PlusTranslation.com. "Now there is a strong need in prompt translation of business information in the world. We think our MT systems will help people to break language barriers down both using online translation services and corporate solutions, said PROMT's President Svetlana Sokolova. "We are proud to license our translation engine to Transparent Language, the leading provider of complex online translation services".

PROMT is the innovation leader in the field of machine translation technologies for European languages and its MT systems has been used in a broad range of industries, such as financial, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing. Now PROMT has been leveraging its efforts on developing online translation services. PROMT's award-winning online translation software successfully work at the largest world information, search and e-mail portals, such as Lycos, French portal Voila, e-lingo, free e-mail portal Caramail, Canadian portal InfiniT, server of the SMARTS project, Russian search engine APORT and information portal Infoart.

About Transparent Language

A leader in language-learning and translation technologies, Transparent Language, Inc., develops and markets a wide range of technology-driven language solutions to enhance the corporate language learning experience and to enable business communications in today's global market. Transparent Language's language solutions include learning and translation products as well as an online translation service bureau, www.PlusTranslation.com, that offers both automated real-time and human translations to enterprises. Corporations such as Bosch, FAA/DOD, Lotus, Corning Cable Systems, Compaq, NASD, J&R Music and Computer World and General Electric use Transparent Language enterprise products and services for language translation, training and skill development to keep pace with the global marketplace.

For more information, visit Transparent Language's Web site at www.TransparentLanguage.com. For sales information, please call (603) 262-6300 or facsimile (603) 262-6561.


PROMT, founded in 1991, is the leading provider of advanced machine translation technologies (MT) and the acknowledged conductor in the field of natural languages' processing. PROMT is the innovation and technological leader in MT industry. Now we provide the full range of translation solutions and services for all kinds of business, professionals and Internet/Intranet.

PROMT ensures support and maintenance of the implemented systems worldwide and project management. Recently we have added human translation service and now are ready to offer technical documentation preconditioning, translation and publishing facilities.

Check the translation accuracy on free multilingual online translator Translate.ru. It provides online translation of text, web pages and e-mails.

Alexander Andreev
PR manager
+7 (812) 327-4425

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