PROMT Company introduced its new flagship product – PROMT Neural Translation Server. 

PROMT Neural Translation Server allows for high-quality translation of corporate and technical documents, and user-generated content. The solution is based on the hybrid PROMT Neural technology, combining different translation strategies: rule-based translation and machine learning based on recurrent neural networks. Thanks to this combination the translated text is accurate, fluent and nearly indistinguishable from human translation.

The ability of quick training on client’s data is an important feature of the solution. The system remembers highly specialized terms and the style of texts it was trained on and produces a terminologically and stylistically consistent translation. The trained system helps you translate texts, documents in different formats, business and personal letters, presentations, news and marketing texts in any subject area.

Most machine learning translation systems are cloud-based or can be installed only in a Linux based corporate network. PROMT Neural Translation Server is a multiplatform solution that runs on both Linux and Windows servers with no loss in translation quality and speed.

Another special feature of PROMT solution is that it guarantees confidentiality and protection of the translated data. The issue of cybersecurity is known to be extremely important, especially for corporate segment and public sector.

“Quite often employees in need to quickly translate a large amount of documents use online translators being unaware they’re voluntarily transferring data to third-party services. While this information is provided in user agreement,” says Nikita Shablykov, CCO, - “PROMT Neural Translation Server is a safe and reliable alternative. Unlike most neural-networks based translators, PROMT solution is integrated into the customer’s corporate network and requires no Internet connection.”

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