The Vietnamese portal Taimienphi.vn published an in-depth review of the cloud service PROMT Start which provides not only translation of words and  texts but entire documents. The review psents a description of tools used in the service such as online dictionaries, PROMT Agent allowing for quick and convenient translation in any application, the ability to translate from photos, and other useful features.

The review drew attention to the ease of use and user-friendliness of PROMT Start. “With PROMT Start the process of translation will become extremely simple and fast”,  stressed Taimienphi.vn. The review stated especially the convenience of PROMT Agent – the important component of the service which allows for translating both a separate word and an entire text right in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook or other applications – all it takes is pssing Ctrl twice and looking up the translation in the popup window.

The most important feature of PROMT Start is  speedy document translaton– the service will give an option of translating both one pagers such as a CV and bulk agreements just in a matter of seconds. “The translated documents retain the original format, and they can be easily edited” mentioned the review.

Furthermore, the possibility of translating foreign texts from photos or scanned images will take users’ breath away. PROMT Start makes possible to translate any kind of images, banners on Web pages and even subtitles with a single click.

Additionally, the review notes that the high quality of PROMT Start translation was achieved due to innovative translation technologies in PROMT solutions.  You can use PROMT Start out of concern for losing confidential data – the solution functions via encoded protocol, no information is disclosed to third parties.

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