On February 26 -27, a conference of the Council of Europe, Governing the Game Changer – Impacts of artificial intelligence development on human rights, democracy and the rule of law, was held in Helsinki to regulate issues related to respect for human rights and democracy principles using artificial intelligence solutions. The event was attended by the heads of the Council of Europe, the OSCE Secretary General, as well as ministers of a number of European countries and representatives of leading IT companies, including the PROMT company.

On the agenda the participants of the conference discussed the application possibilities of artificial intelligence technologies and their legal regulation. Nicole Bellube, head of the French Justice Department, noted that artificial intelligence technology is no longer considered just as a prospect, but as a new challenge to modern democracy. “The notion of deep machine learning opens infinite spaces. The cognitive biases highlighted by the first experiments on social networks are also alarming. But beyond the challenge to our intellectuals , it is a rather difficult task for our justice system, first of all to promote access to justice, while protecting fundamental freedoms”- the minister stressed in her report.

Along with the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development, Nikita Shablykov, Chief Commercial Officer of the PROMT Company, participated in the conference as part of the Russian delegation

"Even though the topics stated on the conference sounded quite “philosophical”, the discussion turned out to be concrete and exciting. The main idea of the event is that any artificial intelligence technology is considered as a subject of legal relations to which all the previous respect for human rights requirements and the principles of democracy adopted by the Council of Europe are applied. Any technology has creators, people who should be responsible for the resulting system, " - Nikita Shablykov said.

“It is important to engage in a dialogue with EU representatives for Russian representatives, as the discussion topic may be turned into a convention. In this case, it is very important to promote the position of Russian AI technology companies. In addition, such a conference is a great platform for business contacts” – the PROMT Chief Commercial Officer concluded.

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