For individual users

Our technical support can only help users of licensed versions of PROMT products. You can call us at 8 800 333 5557 (toll-free from Russia) or 8 (812) 655-0350. You can also send questions online or via email. Telephone support is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Moscow time (UTC/GMT+3) in English or Russian.

Before directing a question to technical support, please consult this FAQ. Perhaps it can already offer a solution to your problem.

Note: Please have the following information at hand before contacting technical support:

  • The complete name of your PROMT product (including translation direction and version number), license number (for paid products), which you can find in the licensing agreement (box version) or in the email you received (download version).
  • Name of your operating system, installed service packs, localization and regional settings.
  • Brief description of your problem and what you did before the problem occurred.
  • Brief description of the steps you took to try to address the problem.
  • The exact text or a screenshot of any error message you received.
When calling technical support by phone, we recommend that you be at your computer.
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