PROMT English-German, German-EnglishTranslator brings the widely-acclaimed PROMT translation technology to your iPhone and iPod Touch. It translates full sentences and is the first program of its kind to run directly on the mobile device. The sophisticated algorithm combined with the specialized dictionaries ensures outstanding translation quality. In contrast toother similar solutions, no internet connection is necessary, which makes the program convenient to use when travelling abroad. PROMT Translator can be used anywhere anytime.

PROMT translator handles not only fragments of text, but alsoentire web pages, while preserving the formatting of the original. Translated text can be forwarded via e-mail.

PROMT Translator has a general lexicon of over 550,000 terms and also supports 12 specialized topics:

- cars
- business
- household technology
- the internet
- law
- cinema
- cooking
- music
- travelling
- software
- sport and technology


Prices and availability

PROMT German-English and English-German translators are now available from the App Storeat USD 5.99 each.

PROMT English-German Translator is available from the iTunes Store at:

PROMT German-English Translator is available from the iTunes Store at: