PROMT Cloud API - is a cloud interface which allows the usage of PROMT online translation technology in other programs or websites.
Create applications, expand e-commerce, and participate in international projects with the help of PROMT solutions which will assist you in providing the translation in the midst of constant information flow.

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Who should use PROMT Cloud API?

E-Commerce and applications

Instant translation of multilingual information flow on the Internet (including descriptions on the website and dynamic user-generated content) into different languages, taking into account the subject matter of your resource.

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Translation of texts and files in the following formats: DOC(X), PPT(X), XLS(X), PDF, XML, HTML, JPEG, BMP. Includes a wide range of European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages.



It is so much more than just an online dictionary! Full dictionary information complete with translation examples and text-to-speech function will help your users in their studies of European languages.


Translation functions

• translation of texts of any length
• translation of documents, preserving original formatting
• asynchronous translation for large documents
• provides dictionary information about individual words from e-dictionary in XML format
• transformation of the source text into speech while saving the file in MP3 format

SDK for developers

With the use of PROMT Cloud API, it is very easy to integrate machine translation into an application or a website in any programming language.

SDK provides:
• descriptions of PROMT Cloud API translation methods
• examples of applications with source code in C#, Java and PHP

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