Best alternative to online-translator

Best alternative to online translator

We often translate single words or text selections from one language to another. But sometimes you need to translate a scientific article, equipment manual or, for example, a contract which could be several pages long – those are big texts. Online translator helps us out with short texts, but it won’t translate the long ones. The point is any online translation service has a text limit of 10,000 characters or even less. To quickly and conveniently translate large texts you need a special translator.

Handles large volumes "in one click"

Big text translator is able to process texts of any volume, so it can easily translate even an entire thesis. The user only needs to paste this text or upload a document into the translator and wait for the result. And if the user translates an uploaded document, a good translator keeps original formatting in the output text. Then the translation is easy to read, and requires less post-editing.

"Remembers" difficult terms

When working with large texts, such as articles or documents, fine tuning of the translator is important. A big text translator must be able to correctly translate different terminology, including highly specialized, so that the end result is a grammatically correct and comprehensible text. So the translator must include specialized dictionaries, and for rare terminology – user dictionaries, for adding a term and its translation to the dictionary. Thus, words that are frequent in the text, but otherwise rare, will always be translated the way the user needs.

This kind of translators includes PROMT software products for corporate and private users. Solutions from the company allow you to translate large text not only from English to Russian but to other languages as well.

Choose your PROMT translator:

PROMT Neural Translation Server 21
Enterprise-level server solution based on the latest achievement in AI
PROMT Professional 21
Reliable business solution for securely translating documents, emails and messages