Word translator

Word translator

Word translator allows you to translate documents of any size and preserve their original formatting. You can translate a Word document entirely from English to Spanish, French, Russian and other languages in just two clicks, thus saving your time when preparing documents in foreign languages.

Online translator for Word

There are online services for quick and free translation of Word documents. They are handy when you need to quickly translate on the fly. There’s no need to install software to use them – all you need to do is just upload your file and wait for results. But an online translator for Word cannot guarantee confidentiality; besides, it may have limits on document size.

Word translator from English

When you need to translate sensitive information, an online word document translator is not an option, as your data may leak. For this kind of job there are offline translators that guarantee your information is secure, because they work without Internet connection.

They are installed on your computer and in addition to being confidential allow you to use some advanced features. For example, if you need to translate a Word document not only from English to one foreign language or vice versa but also to multiple languages, you can use special apps that allow translation into several languages at once.

Formatting features

Formatting is a very important part of job. Often when doing translation from one language to another you need to get as a result not only a grammatically correct and coherent text but also to preserve its original formatting and style - indents, fonts and graphic elements. The best translator in Word will help you to accomplish this goal – it delivers a result with preserved formatting of the original.

Domain-specific translation

To get a high-quality machine translation it is important to take into account the specifics of the text - professional terminology, style and vocabulary. Ideally, Word document translator should be tuned to a specific industry or subject area. Striking examples are PROMT PC and server-based translators that can be configured for the user’s tasks; they include dictionaries and profiles with specialized terminology (Medicine and Pharmaceutics, Industry, Finance, and so on).

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