PDF translator

PDF translator

PDF translator is a handy tool, saving your time when translating a document from one language into another entirely with formatting and layout. Using the tool you can get not only the translation of the text, but also a ready-to-use document in a language that you need with preserved formatting – headers, bullets, images and graphic elements.

High-quality PDF translation

There are two types of PDF documents: scanned (PDF as image) or converted from other formats (text PDF). The best translator for PDF can deal with both, but to be able to do this it has to include the software for recognition of both graphic and text files. The quality of translation and preserved original formatting, including indents, spaces, tables, diagrams, headers and footers – all this depends on how well the program recognizes PDF-files.

Editing PDF documents

When translating PDF documents, you can save the result in the initial format or choose another format – RTF, for example. This format allows you to edit the result, which is very handy if you need to check or edit translation or fix complex formatting

Online PDF translator

Online translator for PDF files will come in handy when you need a quick and free translation. The translator runs directly in your browser, there's no need to install it to your PC or smartphone. All you need to do is simply upload your document. However if you need to keep it confidential, the best choice is purchasing an offline translator. In this case neither original, nor translation leaks online, even accidentally. You can use this translator anywhere: on the plane and going abroad or out of town, where Internet access is limited or impossible.

Translator of PDF files from English to Spanish, German, Russian and other languages is a great helper for working with presentations, scans, articles and other useful information in foreign language. PROMT develops desktop and server solutions that allow you to work with documents in any format securely. Find out more about our product line.

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