Screen translator

Screen translator
Screen translator allows you to translate from English to German, French, Russian and many other languages and back. It can translate a copy-protected text, an image fragment, subtitles, and other texts that are difficult to translate with online translators or browser extensions.

How the screen translator works
When working with graphic content the screenshot translator captures a part of the screen, recognizes text, translates it and displays the result with translation. You can copy the result to the clipboard or edit it.

Why do you need screen translator
It is a handy tool for translating texts that are difficult to translate with ordinary programs. You can easily translate subtitles in a movie or use the on screen translator for games, from English to French, for example.

An excellent example of a smart screen translator is PROMT Agent – a component in any PROMT desktop translator. It helps you translate text from images, presentations, videos and other documents in any application or browser.

Fast translation in any application or browser

PROMT Agent for Windows
PROMT Agent gives you a swift translation of words and text fragments in any Windows application or browser. Translate sites phrases in images and documents into just two clicks!